My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission fascinates female audiences – Nintendo Universe

The new Boku no Hero Academia movie, My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, seems to attract more fans of the series in Japan.

Manga and anime are generally thought to be based on demographics shounen, What Boku no Hero Academia, they would be consumed by a male audience. However, new information actually points the other way. Specifically, to a specific production and is My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission.

This is the newest animated film based on the work of Kohei Horikoshi, and it would be the third so far. It is something that was revealed recently.

It came out when it was shared that this film had a strong start at the Japanese box office. So much so, that it debuted in the second position in its first weekend, surpassing what was achieved by the previous film by 200%.

According to the measurement of Cinema Today, the audience of this tape “Is primarily outside of its target demographic”. In this case, it would include girls and young women, who have an interest in this film.

At least it would be 76.5% of those who went to see this production of Boku no Hero Academia. Most of the viewers would be in their 20s, while the rest would be teenagers and some would be around 30.

Why the sudden interest in this franchise? It is difficult to say, although those who are fans of the series emphasize that beforehand it was noted that the female audience is attracted by the adventures of Blanket and company.

Some believe that perhaps the cast of male characters can be attractive to fans. If that’s the case, then the series could experience the same phenomenon of Tokyo Revengers.

According to recent data, several of the millions of copies sold of the manga by Ken Wakui they were acquired by female readers. Apparently, many of them lean towards the boys of the series. So that idea would not be so misguided.

Boku no Hero Academia: Horikoshi celebrates the movie and volume 31

There are those who believe that Katsuki Bakugou of Boku no Hero Academia It could fall into that category, especially because of its rebellious attitude. He is almost always highly rated in popularity polls in Japan.

It will be a matter of paying attention to how things move to My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission during this weekend. At least it is doing very well in times when the variant Delta of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is present.

It will be necessary to see when it arrives My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission to the West, but most likely sometime next year. Thanks to Anime News Network by the report.