My Master Has No Tail Shows Adorable Mameda in New Sneak Peek

A few days ago I told you that LIDENFILMSthe studio that became really popular for its work on the animated adaptation of Tokyo Avengers, plans to release his new original series next month. What he didn’t remember at the time was that this studio is also preparing another play for the fall season: My Master Has No Tail.

At the beginning of June they launched the second official trailer for this seinen manga adaptation by author TNSKand this morning they returned to the fray with a new video focused on one of the protagonists of the story.

Mameda presents herself properly

  • In this advancement of My Master Has No Tail, LIDENFILMS focuses on introduce the character of Mamedaa raccoon girl who dreams of becoming human✅
  • As you can guess when you see the video in question, she is a young woman who stands out for her character adorable
  • The actress responsible for bringing it to life in the anime is none other than MAO (Iris in Fire Force, Shion in Tensei shittara Slime Datta Ken)❗❗
  • And as a final reminder, let me tell you that My Master Has No Tail will premiere on September 30

Synopsis for My Master Has No Tail

The story of My Master Has No Tail takes us to the Japan of the Taisho Era, which includes the period between 1912 and 1926, where we meet Mameda, a tanuki (raccoon) girl capable of changing shape as Japanese folklore dictates and who dreams of becoming human. Mame manages to transform into a black-haired human girl and heads to bustling Osaka, but the townspeople soon find out that the girl is actually a tanuki, so they despise her.

One beautiful woman in particular tells Mameda to go back to where she belongs, but the tanuki girl discovers that the woman, named Bunko, is a supernatural being who has become human and lives as a rakugo artist. Mameda jumps at the chance and begs Bunko to make her her disciple and teach her how to pass as a human.