My Universe My Baby Dragon now in physical format for Nintendo Switch

Microids is delighted to take you on a magical journey today with the trailer for My Universe My Baby Dragon, developed by the studio It Matters Games (My Universe – Pet Clinic Cats & Dogs). The game is already available in physical format for nintendoswitch.

As a new dragon keeper, you will be in charge of your very own nursery. Whatever their element – water, air, fire or earth – each baby dragon will need a lot of love and attention to grow and thrive properly. You will have to be very attentive to the needs of each dragon, since they will require all your attention!

Help them hatch and work out their magic by showering them with cuddles and treats until they take off for Dragon School. Take your time to play with them and understand their magic, earn their trust and create a special bond with them that will last forever.

Characteristics of My Universe My Baby Dragon

  • Raise the most adorable baby dragons. Get hold of the coveted dragon eggs, incubate them by providing them with a cozy and warm environment with the help of soft and beautiful items. Each dragon is linked to one of the four natural elements, meeting its specific needs will be key to its growth. It will be up to you to find out which elemental family each dragon belongs to in order to raise it and help it grow.
  • Teach your dragon to fly and all about magic! As a dragon keeper, you will take care of their development, which includes teaching them all the tricks they need to know. Train them to use their wings as well as their magical abilities, preparing them for dragon school!
  • Get your title and become the best dragon keeper! The more dragons you discover, the better keeper you’ll be! Breed all kinds of dragons and collect badges to earn your official Dragon Keeper diploma!

My Baby Dragon is part of the line My Universe, along with titles such as My Baby, School Teacher, Fashion Boutique, Cooking Star Restaurant, Pet Clinic Cats & Dogs, Interior Designer, Doctors & Nurses and Green Adventure – Farmer Friends. The My Universe series is specifically designed for children who want to make the leap into the dream adult life. It is also part of the Microids Life label, dedicated to offering gaming experiences for the whole family and all player profiles.

My Universe – My Baby Dragon is now available in physical format for Nintendo Switch.

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