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Natsu e no Tunnel, Sayonara no Deguchi will premiere on September 9

The page official Web for the movie Natsu e no Tunnel, Sayonara no Deguchi was updated with a new teaser. In the video, lasting half a minute, it is revealed that this adaptation of the light novel written by Mei Hachimoku and illustrated by Kukka will premiere in Japanese movie theaters next September 9. In addition to this, the portal also displays a new promotional image of the feature film in which you can see the characters of Anzu Hanaki Y Kaoru Tone walking on the train tracks.

Tomohisa Taguchi (Akudama Drive, Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna) directs this film Natsu e no Tunnel, Sayonara no Deguchi for the study CLAP (Pompo: Movie Magic), in addition to writing the script and making the storyboards. Together with him, Tomomi Yabuki (Tokyo Ghoul, Pompo: Movie Magic) designs the characters and is the chief animation director, while yabuki, seiji tachikawa, akio hasegawa Y Yasuhisa Katō they direct it. For its part, harumi (Miss Hokusai, Piano no Mori) composes the music.

In addition to these, Yuuki Hatakeyama (Summer Time Render, Chaos;Child) directs art and Eiko Tsunado (Vanitas no Karte, Given) designs it. In addition, Saori Goda (Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, Akudama Drive) takes care of the color, Kazumi Inadome (Kekkai Sensen, Persona 5 the Animation) designs the objects, Kou Hoshina direct photography and Akino Mishima (Spriggan, Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare) edits it. Other team members are Satoki Iida (tokyo avengers, Look Ranman!) as sound director and Kana Uzawa as a sound producer.

Regarding the cast announced to date, Oji Suzuka Y Marie Iitoyo They play the characters of Kaoru Tone Y Anzu Hanakirespectively, these being the main protagonists of the film.

Mokune-hachi wrote this love and science fiction light novel in 2019, being published by Shogakukan under his seal of novels gagaga bunko with illustrations of Kukka. The work came in ninth place in the category of bunkobon of the ranking Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! of 2020. Already in July 2020 the work was taken to the manga with a drawing of Koudon serialized in the magazine Monthly Sunday Gene-X and in the app Sleeve One from Shogakukanending with a total of 4 volumes compilations.

Tono Kaoru heard a rumour: The laws of space and time mean nothing to the Urashima Tunnel. If he finds it and crosses it, he will find his heart’s desire on the other side…in exchange for years of his own life. The night Kaoru finds himself standing in front of a tunnel that looks suspiciously like the one described in the rumor, he finds himself thinking about Karen, the sister he lost in an accident five years ago. To Kaoru’s surprise, he is followed by the new transfer student, Anzu Hanaki, who promises to help him experiment with the mysterious tunnel, but what does she want from Kaoru in return? And what will she have left to give her after the tunnel is done with him?

Source: ANN