Norma Editorial creates its new digital line

We start the week really strong with a news of Editorial Standardand it is that, adapting to new technologies and the latest trends, the winner of the National Award for the Best Cultural Editorial Work of 2022 begins to move their works and licenses in a digital format. In this way, the approach to a a more youthful audience, which prefers digital content, adapting to the circumstances of the moment. In addition, the publisher encourages new readers in this market who are benefiting, this year, with the Youth Cultural Bonus that can already be requested from the government (if you turn 18 in 2022).

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Photo of the announcement of the digital line of Norma Editorial

Editorial Standard embarks on this new adventure with a main circulation of approximately 12 titles that will arrive in digital format, among which we find That Time I Became Smile, Fairy Tale, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Revengers or The Quintuplets. The first titles of these manga in digital format will cover prices between €4.99 and €9.99.

In this way, it is considered that the publishing house achieves a convergence between the publications and the line of physical editions, coexisting in turn, with the same titles and same editions but in digital format, with the intention of keeping the two sectors of potential consumers that are growing more and more satisfied. Editorial Standard confirms that they are already working on being able to launch all the volumes available in digital format (of the series that have been announced) to go along with the physical edition, while they study adding new titles to this new digital line.

And so far the most outstanding news of the day. Even so, it is not the only one that we have been able to meet in recent days. We also have news that One Piece Movie Netthe fifteenth film in the franchise one piece, will hit Spanish cinemas this fall. We leave you the news in case you missed it.

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