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Norma Editorial launches manga line in Catalan

Editorial Standard advertise officially his new manga line in catalan. The publisher based in Barcelona has confirmed that it is inaugurating this new editorial line with the publication of tokyo avengers in Catalan, news that was leaked days before, and to which others will later add to the publisher’s catalog new titles coming soon.

The work of ken wakui It will be the first work of Editorial Standard to have an edition in Catalan and it will do so next month July, still without specifying a specific day. The Format will be exactly the same than the one of the Spanish edition: double volume 400 pages, size 11.5 x 17.5 cm, double dust jacket, periodicity monthly and same starter pack with the first two volumes at the reduced price of 16.

Also, Anabel Sword Y Judith Marti have confirmed more works that will accompany tokyo avengers on the new Catalan line. For now, they will be chainsaw man by Tatsuki Fujimoto (11 volumes, finished), jujutsu kaisen by Gege Akutami (19 volumes, open) and Guardians of the night by Koyoharu Gotouge (23 volumes, finished), which will arrive progressively from the month of September. For its part, Oscar Brave He has commented on social networks that death note (in its Black Edition) Y other classic series of the publisher will also be added to the line in Catalan from 2023. To be informed, Editorial Standard has created a series of social media accounts destined for this new line.

The publication of manga in Catalan dates back to the year 1968when the magazine Cavall Fort public Haneko Tonda, a 1929 work by Rakuten Kitazawa. In 1992, comic planet was the driving force behind one of the most popular titles in Catalan in history: dragon balland would add works like Doraemon, Shin Chan either Detective Conan during the following years. The greatest example of publication in this co-official language is found in the extinct editorial Glenatwhich came to publish such relevant works as Inuyasha, Naruto, fushigi yugi, Sakura, Card Hunter bleach, Love Hina Y Kimagure Orange Roadas well as editions exclusively in Catalan for muscleman Y black belt (Yawara!). Other first steps include the publication by Speaker Mon of Llunya neighborhood (distant neighborhood), by Jiro Taniguchi, the new Catalan editions of My Hero Academia Y dr slump of Planet and the walk of Bear Comicswhich publishes simultaneously both in Catalan and Spanish since its creation.

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