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Launches Norma Editorial November 2021

After the avalanche of pitches by the 27 Barcelona Manga, the waters come down calm in a certain way by Editorial Standard. The publisher only presents a single release for this month of November, but it is not just another release, but the most powerful and important release for the publisher itself as well as for manga readers. The Friday, November 12 one of the hits of the moment reaches the bookstores of Spain: Tokyo Revengers de Ken Wakui.

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Qualification: Tokyo Revengers
Original title: Tokyo Revengers
Author / s: Ken Wakui
Genders: action, science fiction, drama, romance, tragedy, school life
Format: Paperback paperback with reversible dust jacket 14.8 x 21 cm
State: In publication (24 volume / s)
Spanish Publishing House: Editorial Standard
Japanese Publisher: Kodansha
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Takemichi, a loser who was a gang member in his youth, jumps back 12 years in time to return to high school and save his ex-girlfriend, Hina, who has now been murdered by the Tokyo Manjikai criminal organization. With each time trip, Takemichi influences those around him and little by little he changes the past … but will that be enough to save Hina and prevent the Tokyo Manjikai from becoming a feared criminal gang?

On November 5, due to a delay, the Volume 34 and latest from Attack the titans, a launch that was planned for the Manga Barcelona and that it reached the bookstores a few days later and with two editions, one simple and the other special. That is why we consider as a unique launch the one of Tokyo Revengers, a manga that comes accompanied after a great promotional campaign. As the publisher has already announced, Ken Wakui’s work will be published in a edición kanzenban from double volume in size 14.8 × 21 cm., with reversible dust jacket so as not to lose any of the two covers of the original work and a price of 16 euros. But its launch in our country comes from a great 2 × 1 promotion for which we can get hold of the first two volumes of the collection for the price of one.

Detailed list of manga releases from Editorial Standard that will reach specialized bookstores and the online store of Norma Comics as of November 12.

  • Attack on Titan # 34 (Hajime Isayama) –8,000 €
  • Attack on Titan # 34 Special (Hajime Isayama) –12,00 €
  • Tokyo Revengers #1 (Ken Wakui) –16,00 €
  • Tokyo Revengers #2 (Ken Wakui) –16,00 €
  • Magus of the Library #2 (Mitsu Izumi) –9000 €
  • Source: Editorial Standard