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Now on sale Otaku Bunka 35

From the past December 31st is already in bookstores and newsstands the new number of the magazine Otaku Bunka, specifically, that’s it for sale number 35 of this magazine dedicated to the world of manga, anime and Japanese culture. On this occasion, the magazine dedicates the main report to a classic such as Cowboy Bebop, considered one of the best anime in history. The magazine takes advantage of the launch of the live-action in Netflix to analyze the keys to your success.

At Block of anime, Readers will find several reviews of the latest recent releases in Spain, such as Blue Period Y Komi-san can’t communicate, as well as a highly anticipated upcoming film premiere such as Belle. We also do not forget some of the most outstanding series of the fall season in Japan, such as Takt Op.Destiny, Ôsama Ranking Y Senpai ga uzai kôhai no hanashi.

Jumping to sleeve block, we found a new installment of Pedro F. Medina in which he speaks to us clearly about the new manga boom. There is also room for an extensive report on manga and anime set in space, in addition to a well-deserved tribute to Takao Saito and its great icon Golgo 13. Finally, we can enjoy the reviews of Haikyû !!, Tokyo Revengers, Tokyo Girls, GTO Great Teacher Onizuka, Lost in the grass and many more works.

Jumping to japanese culture block, we can enjoy reports on such interesting topics as the literary awards in Japan, the shichifukujin, or seven gods of fortune, the splendid Kinkaku-ji, also known as the golden pavilion, what is true or myth about the juvenile delinquency in Japan.

Close the issue with a new cosplay section, the most interesting news, a look at the latest licenses from Panini Comics, new strips of Chie no michi! Y Antisocial. This and more information from this issue and purchase previous issues of the magazine Otaku Bunka you can consult it through the recently released Web page, which you can access at the following link:

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