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Osomatsu-san is getting a live-action movie

The animated series, Osomatsu-san manga adaptation of Masako Shitara will have a real picture film for the next spring. The Japanese idol group Snow Man They will be in charge and bring to life the characters of the famous manga. This movie will be the first adaptation for the big screen of the franchise, although previously already had adaptations to plays and even musicals.


Cinebazar Y Hachinoji are the companies in charge of the production of the project while TOHO of its distribution. Tsutomu Hanabusa, director of the live-actions of Tokyo Revengers Y Kakegurui He is in charge of directing the project. Ryōichi Tsuchiya write the script together with Daiki Sugawara as a producer.

On the other hand, the cast of main characters is formed by the group Snow Man. Iwamoto, the leader of the famous group, assures that both he and his companions are anime fans and they are looking forward to acting in the movie. Thus, from left to right, as seen in the image, the characters will be:

  • Kōji Mukai What Osomatsu
  • Ryōta Miyadate What Period (a new character)
  • Shōta Watanabe What End (a new character)
  • Hikaru Iwamoto What Karamatsu
  • Raul What Todomatsu
  • Ren Meguro What Choromatsu
  • Ryōhei Abe What Close (a new character)
  • Daisuke Sakuma What Jūshimatsu
  • Tatsuya Fukazawa What Ichimatsu

Masako Shitara began the publication of the manga in the josei magazine YOU of Shueisha in January 2016. Later, in 2018, it was transferred to the magazine Cookie after the cessation of publication of YOU. So far it has 8 compilation volumes.

Although it is based on the anime series, the manga tells a totally original story. So far, the anime series has two seasons, adding a total of 50 episodes, although the third installment will see the light of next October. Studio pierrot will be back behind the animation with Yōichi Fujita as director and Shū Matsubara as a screenwriter. In addition, the series also features four special episodes, a 12-episode short miniseries titled dMatsu-san and a movie, Mr. Osomatsu The Movie.

All animated productions are based on the manga Osomatsu-kun by Fujio Akatsuka. The work was published in the Shōnen Sunday of Shogakukan between April 1962 and January 1969, ending with a total of 34 volumes compilations. At the time, it featured two anime series, produced by Studio Zero in 1966 and Studio pierrot in 1988, respectively, and which contributed to popularizing the sixtuplets. A success that they have maintained, and even increased, with the recent update of the work.

The animated series, as well as the special and the film Mr. Osomatsu are available in our country and in Latin America in original version with Spanish subtitles through Crunchyroll.

Times have changed and those children from Fujio Akatsuka’s original manga are now half-crazy professional nymphs, womanizers, gambling addicts, lazy, cat lovers, wankers and desperate to get a girlfriend. Can Osomatsu, the older brother, get his brothers back on track? Or is he the worst of all? More craziness in this comic series that has become a modern classic!

Source: ANN