OTAKU MASTER! Japanese goes viral for his great knowledge in openings

A comedian surprised everyone by the speed with which he managed to recognize the different openings that were presented to him on a television program.

We all remember the anime openings that marked our childhood, as Digimon either Dragon Ball Zbut would we be able to recognize them in just a few seconds?

This was what the Japanese comedian achieved Yuuki Iwaiwho surprised all the contestants -and producers- of the program Quiz! Do Re Mi Fa Don! by recognizing in record time more than 8 openings from iconic anime. In the video that went viral, you can see how the man, by listening to only a couple of seconds of each song, managed to recognize all of them in a row and without interruption.

Japanese who surprised by guessing different openings in a few seconds


This program is highly recognized in Japan, since it consists of different participants and teams that compete for the crown, while going through tests of knowledge of the world of anime. In addition, he has many years on the screen, premiering in October 1976 and re-released during 2008but only airing on special occasions.

During one of the last broadcasts carried out, -and as we mentioned above- five teams faced a test of knowledge of openings, being Yuuki Iwai the one who stole the eyes of the spectators, the other contestants and even the television presenters.

In the viral video you can see how the Japanese only need a couple of seconds of the songs to recognize them and, this time, he managed to hit the openings of Digimon Adventure, SPY x FAMILY, Rurouni Kenshin, Ojamajo DoReMi (Magical DoReMi), Chainsaw Man, Captain Tsubasa, Pretty Cure 5, Smile Go Go!, jujutsu kaisen, Tokyo Revengers, Pokemon Y Dragon Ball Z.

It should be noted that, although the video is already impressive due to the speed of the man, the video is cut since he had previously guessed the opening of the anime Yuu Yuu Hakusho.

Would you be able to guess these songs in such a short time?