Phoenix, the acclaimed work of Osamu Tezuka, will have a new anime from Disney

Studio 4ºC will pay tribute to one of the great manga of ‘The father of anime’

If you like the manganime world you should know who it is osamu tezuka. This is the greatest pioneer in the industry, the person responsible for creating the first great anime that managed to succeed worldwide: astro boy. Throughout the many years of his work, he was publishing all kinds of works that went down in history for multiple reasons, and one of the most outstanding is Phoenix (Hi no Tori).

Tezuka’s legacy is so important that even today they continue to be performed. new versions of his most mythical manganimes. In 2019 we had the case of Dororoand soon it will be the turn of Phoenixsince yesterday it was revealed that it is underway a new series that will modernize the drama, adventure and science fiction stories of this great work.

First details of Phoenix: Eden17

  • The name of the new anime will be Phoenix: Eden17Y will be distributed exclusively worldwide through Disney+❗❗❗
  • The animation will be in charge of Studio 4ºCthose responsible for creating Berserk: The Golden Age Arc and Detroit Metal City⭐
  • Its premiere is scheduled for 2023
  • And what is this series about?: Well, this new adaptation will tell the story of a woman named Romi who, together with her partner, flee from a devastated Earth to a space colony on the planet Eden17. What they did not expect was that life would be even harder there.✅

Phoenix: Eden17 will be one of the many anime that Disney plans to broadcast exclusively for the entire world. After taking over Bleach, the company bought the broadcast rights to the second season of Tokyo Revengers (the most popular series of 2021), and in addition to this it also revealed other interesting projects such as Bullet/Bullet either Dragons of Wonderhatch.