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tokyo avengers 8 maintains the high level and quality, after 8 deliveries in the Spanish edition, where 2 issues of the Japanese edition are actually published. Therefore, after 16 Japanese numbers, Tokyo Revengers is going from strength to strength.

Tokyo Avengers 8, and in general the whole series is one of the best manga that are published today

And it is that tokyo avengers is one of the best-selling manga in Japan and one of the best-selling books in Spain. Already in his presentation in November 2021, the day of its launch, a pack with the first two volumes was released for the price of one. I remember that in some manga and comic stores, there was a special opening at 00:00 on the day of the release, and queues formed for miles. As if they were tickets to a concert or a football game. The truth is that Tokyo Revengers brought tremendous fame from the Japanese country and that fame was preceded by an excellent script, some great drawings, and a marketing campaign, which, together with word of mouth, launched it to stardom in Spain.

Tokyo Revengers is already a time travel classic, but approached from a new point of view. The author ken wakui was based on his youth experience when he belonged to a gang called “Black Emperor”. With that base he managed that his protagonist could travel in time, to the past when he was present in a youth gang, just as the author himself was.

Really everything is based when Takemichi finds out that his ex-girlfriend and her brother Naoto have been killed. After the protagonist was pushed onto the train tracks, he goes back in time to warn Naoto that his sister is going to die. But another time jump, bringing Takemichi back to the present, reveals a kind of new timeline where Naoto himself is alive and well and a detective.

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And well, the series keeps up the pace (hence its fame) and doesn’t quickly fade into banalities. I have to say that the Spanish edition always contains two Japanese issues, so they are double volumesbut also somewhat larger than the traditional size of the Shōnen. And it is that this series tries to be something more than a popcorn entertainment (Shonen as I wrote before) of enormous quality, yes, it also has its deep and psychological parts, where the protagonists of the manga have their problems and concerns. That’s why I think it has a part of Seinen and another of Shonen.

And it is that Tokyo Revengers was the best-selling series in November in the fnacand I remember (months later) seeing the advertisement for The book house where the most significant news of the month appeared, and one of them was this series. It therefore seems that the sales of this manga are not only spectacular in Japan, but in Spain it has become a best-seller in a short time.

An anecdote or curiosity of the Spanish edition is that, as I said before, it contains two Japanese volumes, well, the dust jacket is reversible and with each of its sides with one of the covers published in Japan. Therefore, you can have the collection with the cover and spine that you like the most.

I have little more to tell you about this series without making a damn spoilers, which bothers almost all of us so much. Just tell you that you are facing a series that at least has to be read, I am convinced that you will like it.

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Takemichi’s goal is to become the leader of the Toman, but on his return to the past he will encounter a gigantic new gang… the Tenjiku. He remembers this name well because it will lead to the greatest confrontation in the history of the Toman: the Kantô incident. To all this another difficulty will be added, the impossibility of Takemichi to return to the present.

I leave you the link to the publisher and below these lines the cover of the Spanish edition of Norma editorial.

tokyo avengers 8

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