Review of Tokyo Revengers, the live-action film based on the acclaimed manga

Tokyo Revengers, the live-action film based on the acclaimed manga by Ken Wakui, has already landed in theaters in Spain. Will it be an adaptation worth seeing or will it be forgotten along with so many others? Inside review!

Little by little the manganime It is having more and more presence outside Japanese territory, something that is immediately noticeable when taking a look and contemplating all the manga, anime series and movies that are available in Spain. And what is to come!

Among the most recent novelties we have from today in theaters in Spain Tokyo Revengers, a live-action film based on the successful manga by ken wakui that has dethroned hits like Jujutsu Kaisen or My Hero Academia from the sales charts.

The plot of tokyo avengers manga revolves around Takemichi Hanagakia 26-year-old unemployed man who one day finds out from the news that hinata tachibanahis ex-girlfriend from high school, and her brother, Naoto Tachibanaare killed by the gang of criminals known as Tokyo Manjiwhich was part of a teenager and has now become a whole criminal organization.

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Everything changes for Takemichi when he is pushed in front of a train and, for some reason, ends up being teleported back 12 years, reliving his time as a delinquent in high school.

Just as he reveals to Naoto that Hinata is going to die, Takemichi returns to the present and an alternate timeline is created in which Naoto has survived and is now a detective, saving Takemichi from being hit by the train.

Naoto deduces that every time they hold hands, Takemichi can travel back exactly 12 years. Thus, Takemichi learns about the past and present to find out the reason why Tokyo Manji became the organization it is now and thus be able to prevent Hinata from being killed..


Trailer for Tokyo Revengers, the live-action film based on the successful manga

In this Tokyo Avengers review it is inevitable to make comparisons with the original work when checking the fidelity of the film with respect to the manganime.

And, as expected, it pretty much sums up the main plot of the manga, with lots of changes. Some are very insignificant, like the fact that instead of jumping 12 years into the past, they are 10, starting their story in the year 2020 instead of 2017 as in the original work.

But others are quite noticeable and even affect important parts of the plot. Although a good part of the key moments of the manga are kept in the film, removing certain events spoils the “essence” of what Tokyo Revengers is.which is Takemichi investigating both the present and the past as much as possible to find out how to change history.

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Thus, that part of slow as well as interesting research is lost in which little by little important details are revealed to go further and adapt (almost entirely) the plot that takes place in the first two volumes of Tokyo Revengers (the first four volumes in the Japanese edition).

In defense of the movie, it’s true that putting it all together on a nearly two-hour-long tape is too complicated and there’s a hell of a lot to cut, but we feel that certain plot points could have been preserved and the movie could have lasted a bit longer. .

Another thing that does not end up being quite right in this adaptation is its conclusion, well, Although some key characters are briefly shown that will have a special impact later, they are not emphasized too much for a possible sequel and a “closed” ending is chosen..

Perhaps it would have been rounder to insert the surprising cliffhanger at the end of volume 2 (Japanese volume 4) and leave the public wanting to see more. In part, this maneuver is understood in case Warner Bros. Pictures turns off the tap and no more movies are made, but considering that not even the manga has finished yet, adapting only its start on the big screen does not make much sense.

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Despite these changes in the part of the plot that will shock manganime lovers, It is a film that unfolds very smoothly, with action sequences that generally recreate the moments of the manga quite well..

Of course, do not expect to see the famous Manji symbol of the band since, as in the anime series, it has been censored, being changed to a different logo. A minor detail if we compare it with the rest of the changes that the film presents.

Regarding the representation of the characters, it must be said that the Tokyo Avengers movie characterizes all the characters quite well and they are very similar to those of the paper versionwith a very good performance by the cast composed of, among others, Kazuki Horike, Mio Imada, Hayato Isomura, Takumi Kitamura, Ryô Yoshizawa and Shôtarô Mamiya.

But if you have to keep one of them, without a doubt the best of all is Ryô Yoshizawa, who gives a magnificent performance as Manjiro Sano “Mikey”the leader of the Toman, maintaining the essence of the character very well.

Definitely, Tokyo Revengers is a correct adaptation of Ken Wakui’s manga, although certain important moments of the work are missing. If you are new and interested in the work, it is better that you start with the manga or anime to fully savor all its essence. Otherwise, you will also enjoy it, although in a different way.