Review Tokyo Revengers #20 by Tampopo24

hard hard to be brothers

Ken Wakui never ceases to take us by the feelings with his story of hoodlums who eliminate each other to take control. Renewal of the furyo, Tokyo Revengers carries its title more and more perfectly.

The confrontation between Takemichou and the Tenjiku led by Izana never ends. As in an arena, the two armed groups face each other awaiting the key fight. And here it comes with the arrival of Mickey. After losing his sister, he has nothing more to lose, so he throws himself into a merciless fight.

Yet the author surprises us. Not with a match different from usual, because we are used now to these thugs who fight with great blows of mandal. But because for once, it’s not Mickey who has the upper hand, but Izana. This fratricidal fight is heartbreaking and hard-hitting. Izana is completely crossed out and sends shivers down her spine. Mickey might be going too far since he has nothing left to lose. Yet Ken Wakui manages to find the right balance so that it does not fall into the ridiculous and if the changeover which occurs little by little is a little easy and predictable, it is always moving when feelings get involved.

Indeed, Mickey and Izana are not just anyone. They are both there thanks or because of the same person: Shin’Ichiro. It is therefore beautiful to see the influence that this one had on everyone, well beautiful is perhaps not the word when we see the universe of violence in which they evolve, but he tried to teach them camaraderie and brotherhood.

Thus in a very melodramatic atmosphere, we take a lot of the face when everything goes wrong and we come out of a simple confrontation with punches and kicks to enter a very tense and hard-hitting moment where their life is in danger. Izana has a lot of grievances towards Mickey. Mickey, he was able to mourn in his own way and move forward. He holds out his hand to her as he knows how to do so well. That’s what this character is all about and that’s why we love him.

Unfortunately, it would be a little too quick to forget Kisaki, who has been behind all this from the start without anyone really knowing why. This one comes to put a last grain of salt and comes to blow everything up! However, it also provides THE moment of redemption that we no longer expected for Izana. It’s the emotion sequence of the volume, what am I saying about the character since everyone is entitled to a moment in their history in this title. And even if it’s very cliché and goes very far, I found it successful because it knew how to give me the expected emotion. Yes, Izana was off kilter but he didn’t have a bad bottom as his relationship with Kaku shows.

Ken Wakui therefore remains true to himself once again with an explosive title filled with fights where the heroes compete to find each other better. But he sometimes goes a little over the top to make his readers vibrate with this friendship that binds our thugs to each other. He quite regularly forgets the red thread of his story, which is a shame, because suddenly when he is called back, he falls a bit like a hair in the soup. Who will believe that Draken accepts Takemichi’s story so easily? Who will believe that this one will be able to settle accounts so easily with Kisaki? I like the series but it falls a bit into the caricature of itself sometimes…