Saiyuki Reload -ZEROIN- Ramen Para Dos opening and ending revealed

Saiyuki Reload -ZEROIN- opening and ending revealed

The official account of the future adaptation to anime of the new manga arc of Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload -Zeroin-, unveiled last Wednesday the start and end of the series’ episode. The Japanese group GRANRODEO will perform the song titled Kamino Hotokemo What startup theme episode, while artist Shugo Nakamura will perform the end theme episode under title The route.

This new season, which adapts the arc of the manga titled «Even a worm«, Will feature the main cast of voices from previous seasons, which is made up of Toshihiko Seki What Genjo Sanzo, Sôichiro Hoshi What Son Goku, Hiroaki Hirata What Sha Goyjo and Akira Ishida What Cho Hakkai. They complete the cast Kouchi Toochika What Hazel Grouse, Rikiya Koyama What Gatti «Gat» Nenehawk and Houchi Ohtsuka What Ni Jianyi. Liden Films is behind this new project, which is scheduled to premiere in January from 2022.

Kazuya Minekura began the publication of Saiyuki in 1997 in the Gekkan Fantasy, of Square Enix, until finalizing in 9 compilation volumes. Subsequently, the sequel followed, Saiyuki Reload, serialized in 2002 in the magazine Comic Zero Sum, from Ichijinsha, until finished in 10 volumes. In turn, it has Saiyuki Reload Blast, which began to be published in 2009 on the pages of the same magazine and so far has 3 compilation volumes in the Japanese market. Also, the manga of Saiyuki has two prequels, Saiyuki Ibun and Saiyuki Gaiden.

The original manga Saiyuki inspired an OVA in 1999 and a television anime adaptation in 2000, as well as a sequel in film and OVA form. Saiyuki Reload in turn it also inspired two anime adaptations and a prequel in OVA form. Already more recently, the prequel to the manga Saiyuki Gaiden inspired an OVA adaptation in 2011 and in 2017 the anime first aired Saiyuki Reload Blast. The latter was animated by Platinum Vision, instead of by Studio pierrot, in charge of animating the previous animated installments.

Mangaline Editions edited in Spain the 9 volumes of the original manga of Saiyuki, while he only published the first 4 volumes of Saiyuki Reload, leaving the series incomplete. As for the anime, Select Vision released the first animated series on DVD, while Jonu Media was in charge of editing the film of Saiyuki Requiem. The Saiyuki Reload Blast anime is currently available via Crunchyroll.

Humans and Yókais lived peacefully in Togenkyo. But this peace was truncated as Gyokumen Koshu (lover of the leader and king of the demons, Gyumao) begins to hatch a plan to resurrect him, who has been locked in the lands of Tenjikukoku for more than 500 years. Genjyo Sanzo, is required by the Tenkai (Five Gods of Heaven) to stop the resurrection, since it is the most direct contact of the gods with humans. He undertakes this adventure accompanied by three former companions, although they form a unique group, since his friends are demons with human appearance. To preserve this appearance, they use devices in the shape of different jewels.

Source: ANN