Samurai X reveals new preview of its upcoming anime adaptation

Rurouni Kenshinalso known in Latin America as Samurai Xhas confirmed his return and, as announced, will have a new anime series for next year 2023 which will be broadcast by Netflix. Nobuhiro Watsuki’s work will have a remake that will once again adapt the story of ‘Hitokiri Battōsai’ or ‘Battosai the Piecemaker’. Therefore, a new preview and details of this production have been revealed. Here we tell you everything that is known.

Samurai X returns for 2023

After almost 25 years of its premiere and subsequent OVAS, the anime of Samurai X is back, as it was announced last September 2022. The new adaptation of Rurouni Kenshinwill arrive in 2023, after being broadcast in Japan from 1996 to 1999.

In this sense, details such as a completely renewed animation, according to a new production company and the current standards of the medium, will reach the small screen, just as ‘Shaman King’ was at the time when he returned in 2021.

At the moment, no further details of this remake have been provided on a large scale, but many followers of the history of ‘Battousai the Breaker’ they hope that the Hokkaido arc, whose serialization was discontinued in 2017, will be included.

Samurai X and his panel at Jump Fest 2023

Also, during the convention Jump Fest 2023 held in Japan last weekend, a new teaser for the upcoming adaptation of Samurai Xwhich has generated a lot of intrigue and hope in the followers of Himura Kenshin.

In this new trailer you can see Kenshin and Kaoru reliving their first meeting, and although many remember this moment, there is no doubt that more details are expected in this new remake.

It should be noted that the work of Nobuhiro Watsuki It will be produced by Liden Films, the same studio that has worked on anime such as the acclaimed Tokyo Revengers, and will be directed by Hideyo Yamamoto, with Terumi Nishii in charge of character designs, Hideyuki Kurata in charge of animation composition, and Yu Takami. as part of the soundtrack.

Regarding the cast of Samurai X 2023, this will be made up of new seiyuus or voice actors in the main characters, being Soma Saito who this time will give voice to Kenshin Himura, Rie Takahashi to Kaoru Kamiya, Makoto Koichi to Yahiko Myojin and Taku Yashiro as Sagara Sanosuke.

Due to the great status of the franchise of Rurouni Kenshin in Japan and the incredible adaptations that they have brought to their live action, both Soma Saito and Rie Takahashi expressed being very honored to participate in this new adaptation, and already feel the great weight and responsibility corresponding to the main characters.