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Shenmue the Animation will premiere on February 6

Crunchyroll revealed last Wednesday that the anime of Shenmue the Animation will premiere worldwide next February 6th on said streaming anime platform. In addition to this, there was also a new trailer of this animated adaptation of the classic video game SEGA produced by Crunchyroll In collaboration with Adult Swim, as well as a new promotional image in which you can see several of the characters that appear in the series.

Likewise, it was also revealed that the voice actors Happy Matsukaze (Teru Mikami in Death Note) Y Takahiro Sakurai (Arataka Reigen in Mob Psycho 100) will be the ones who interpret the characters of Ryo Hazuki Y Lan Di, respectively.

This project for television has Yu Suzuki, creator of Shenmue, as executive producer. An anime that will have a total of 13 episodes encouraged by Telecom Animation Movie, a studio that has already worked with Crunchyroll in the anime of Tower of God. in the address is Chikara Sakurai, who already directed the second season of One Punch Man. Together with him Kento Shimoyama (Bleach, Binbougami ga!) writes the hyphen, while Udaka design the characters. What’s more, Kana Shibue (Sasaki to Miyano, Devils` Line) is responsible for composing the soundtrack.

Yu Suzuki created in 1999 to SEGA, and more specifically for the console Dreamcast, the action-adventure game Shenmue, being a benchmark in its time thanks to its history and for offering an open 3D world. The game offered an interesting story starring Ryo Hazuki, an 18-year-old Japanese martial artist obsessed with avenging his father’s death, with fighting moments and events quick time. In 2001 he returned Ryo Hazuki to the console SEGA with a second delivery. It wouldn’t be 18 later when the franchise returned with a third installment in 2019 for the console. PlayStation 4 from Sony managing to maintain the essence of the franchise and an open ending, leaving the door open for a continuation.

Year 1985, Yokosuka. Ryo Hazuki has trained hard from a very young age to master the Hazuki style of Jujitsu under the supervision of his strict father at the Hazuki dojo. However, one day a mysterious man named Lan Di murders her father and steals the mirror that her father had dedicated his life to protecting. Ryo is determined to uncover the truth behind his father’s murder, but he soon finds himself embroiled in a war between mysterious organizations and travels from Yokosuka to Hong Kong. It’s the beginning of Ryo’s long journey!

Fountain: ANN