Some point out that the story of Tokyo Revengers ‘is being squeezed’ — Kudasai

the japanese portal myjitsu published an article noting that the twenty-sixth compiled book volume of the manga written and illustrated by ken wakui, tokyo avengersreceived some negative reviews in Japan over the apparent fact that “the story is intentionally being lengthened“.

«“Tokyo Revengers” is a very popular gang manga also nicknamed “Toman”. The long-awaited twenty-sixth volume of the manga went on sale on February 17, but its content has received several criticisms from fans. The franchise tells the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, a freelancer who repeatedly jumps back in time to save his high school sweetheart, Hinata Tachibana, who is doomed to die. In the volume in question, Manjirou Sano, the leader of the Kanto Manji gang, appears against the opposing Yankee teams Brahman and Rokuhara Tandai, and the final three-way war is depicted.».

«“Tokyo Revengers has a wide range of content, including television animation, live-action movies and stage performances. It has become so popular that it has become a social phenomenon, so every time the latest volume comes out, it attracts a lot of attention. Even before the release of this twenty-sixth volume, there was a lot of anticipation from fans,” a source wrote. The long-awaited latest volume has apparently been unpopular with readers. The reason was that the story barely progressed, most of the scenes were fights and the panels are very wide».

«The story hasn’t progressed in the last few volumes, and it’s dragging on for nothing. If it is a story with time jumps, you can make it as long as you want, so that it is not too stressful for the reader“; “To be honest, it hasn’t been entertaining at all. In the end it all came down to a fight manga without essence“; “There is a certain feeling of rejection from the twenty-fourth volume, this time it was only repeated“; “The story doesn’t make any sense at this point and it’s just crazy“; “This time it’s all about fights, and there are some interesting things like big fights and colorful frames, but the story doesn’t go very far. The story is interesting, but it’s sparse“; and “It looks more and more like Dragon Ball. Mikey is going to use the Spirit Bomb or something soon“; are some of the most popular comments».

«“Animation seems to have lost some of the promotional momentum it had in its prime. The fact that it’s a time travel story is a pretty big plus point, but there have been complaints for a while now about the protagonist’s lack of substance, and some fans are outraged that it’s given more importance than it’s supposed to be. should. However, the work is a mainstay of Weekly Shonen Magazine, so the editorial department is probably desperately trying to keep it from ending,” a source commented.».

Source: myjitsu

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