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Spriggan anime will premiere on June 18

Through its youtube channel dedicated to anime, Netflix shared a new preview from the anime of Spriggan. This new trailer of less than a minute in length reveals that this new animated adaptation of the manga created by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryōji Minagawa will premiere worldwide on the aforementioned video-on-demand platform the next June 18.

In addition, it was revealed that voice actor Yoshimasa Hosoya will play Iwao Akatsuki.

He joins the previously announced cast for this anime from Spriggan:

Chiaki Kobayashi What Yū Ominae

Youhei Azakami What Jean Jacquemond

kenji hamada as the director Yamamoto

Mariya Ise What Yoshino Somei

Hiroshi Kobayashiknown for being the assistant director in Rage of Bahamut Genesis and director of episodes in kill la killdirects this animated project for the studio David Production (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure). Together with him, Hiroshi Seko (Attack the titans, Mob Psycho 100, jujutsu kaisen) is in charge of writing and composing the script, while Shuhei Handa (Little Witch Academia) is credited as responsible for the character design of this anime of Spriggan. In addition to these, Shohei Miyake is the assistant director, while Norihito Ishii runs the HQ and osamu mikasa do the color design. For its part, Yūji Kaneko is the art director Yousuke Motoki photography and JNTHED handles production design.

This is not the first animated adaptation that the manga receives from Spriggansince previously this work of action, mystery and supernatural elements was brought to the big screen in the form of an animated film in 1998 by Studio 4°C with Hirotsugu Kawasaki as director.

The original manga by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryōji Minagawa was published in the pages of the magazine Monthly Shonen Sunday from Shogakukan between the years 1989 and 1996, being compiled initially in 11 volumes and later in an edition of 8 volumes that included some prequel chapters and an epilogue. In Spain, Panini Comics is publishing the work in Spain, at the moment it has published 3 volumes and the fourth is dated for the month of April. In addition to the anime, the manga served as inspiration in 1999 for an action video game for the first PlayStation titled Spriggan: Lunar Verse.

Yū Ominae is a high school student who works as a Spriggan for the ARCAM Corporation, which is in charge of protecting the ancient relics of a civilization more advanced than the current one so that they do not fall into the hands of states and entities that could misuse them.

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