Spy x Family: Where to watch all the anime

Spy x Family” was confirmed in 2022 as one of the great new hits of the anime industry, something that was possible thanks to one of the best combinations of action and family humor that the sector has seen to date. So this is clearly a franchise whose boat will get on more and more, and that’s why I’m here today, to that no newcomer is confused about what he has to do to be able to see the anime in Spain.

These are the platforms that you have to take into account to see the Spy x Family anime

Then I leave you with a review of the different streaming platforms in Spain and what you should take into account regarding “Spy x Family” (whether the anime is in their catalog or if it has the possibility of being in the future).

Watch the Spy x Family anime on Crunchyroll

First of all I leave you with the winning horse: Crunchyroll. Indeed, If you want to see everything that has aired of the “Spy x Family” anime to date, which amounts to a first season consisting of more than 20 episodes, you MUST have access to Crunchyroll. At the moment nothing has been said about where the anime will be in the future, but except for surprise it can be assumed that the orange platform will continue to be the home of the Forgers in years to come (and if not, in any case one has to go through here yes or yes so as not to miss the beginning of the story, which is very important).

In Crunchyroll you will find the entire anime of Spy x Family

Watch Spy x Family anime on Netflix

Obviously, the next natural platform in Spain today through which to consume anime is none other than Netflix. Over the years, this has become an option that I always highly recommend because, things being what they are, they have a catalog with some great works. But if things are as they are, it must also be said that Here you will not find the anime of “Spy x Family”. Personally, I find it difficult that at some point Netflix could ‘steal’ the anime from Crunchyroll, but stranger things have been seen.

spy netflix
No results on Netflix to watch the Spy x Family anime

Watch Spy x Family anime on Prime Video

The next anime streaming platform in Spain would clearly be Prime Video, despite the fact that, like Netflix, it also has many other content (in fact, in the case of the Amazon platform, anime is rather secondary). What is also similar to Netflix is ​​that you don’t have any “Spy x Family” anime content at your disposal. I would only see it possible for this to change if at some point a physical edition of the anime appeared that would open the doors to an agreement with Prime Video.

spy prime video
Prime Video won’t work for you to watch the Spy x Family anime either

Watch the Spy x Family anime with Selecta Visión

And linking to the previous point of the physical edition of “Spy x Family”, the truth is that Selecta Visión has NOT been able to work with the license yet. Will Crunchyroll allow Selecta Visión to edit it at some point? The truth is that it is difficult to say, because despite the fact that Crunchyroll has expressed on occasion that they are fans of anime like the most (logical) and that they do not want to hinder anyone or anything, obviously all this is business. Maybe things change the movie premierebut it is difficult in any case.

spy x family selecta
Selecta Visión has not yet been able to work on a physical edition of Spy x Family

HBO, Disney+ and other streaming platforms

As you can imagine at this point, No other streaming platform in Spain has the “Spy x Family” anime to its credit. Of course, I have to put an exclamation point about Disney + because I don’t trust it. Why? Well, because with “Tokyo Revengers” they took the second season precisely from Crunchyroll despite the fact that the anime was a worldwide success. Therefore, it is better to be attentive to the movements of the platform in this regard.

And these are the most important things that you should keep in mind to see the “Spy x Family” anime in Spain. As you have been able to verify, The anime can only be seen through the Crunchyroll service.. Whether or not this is something that will change in the future remains to be seen, but at least first of all you have everything well collected in one place.