Step aside, BTS! This is what Tokyo Revengers’ collaboration with McDonald’s would look like | EarthGamer

The anime of Tokyo Revengers has caught the attention of many fans. So much so, that it has notably boosted the sales of his manga, which number in the millions.

Due to the above is that Kodansha, the publisher in charge of managing the rights of the franchise, has authorized various products based on it. There is everything today, from mobile straps to key chains and even wristbands and more.

Tokyo Revengers is turning heads

In view of the way things are, it is to be expected that there will also be some collaborations with other companies, even from very different fields for the series.

For example, it is currently very common to see things like this with series like Kimetsu no Yaiba. One of the most talked about in recent times was the one he had with McDonald’s, where when ordering hamburgers you could get some stickers and other extras exclusively.

Tokyo Revengers sparks controversy for reaching Latin America censored

That led to abuses by some people in Japan, including the very employees of this restaurant chain. Could you see a promotion of McDonald’s with Tokyo Revengers?

It cannot be completely ruled out. In fact, an image is circulating on social networks where you can see something like this. As can be seen, whoever created it took advantage of some typical elements of the series. Among them the official art, where their characters appear.

This is how they imagine Tokyo Revengers collaboration with McDonald's

It looks doubtful that McDonald’s will approve it

However, it is clear that it is something made up. We say it because we doubt very much that McDonald’s authorize the use of the symbol smaller for one of their promotions. Even if it takes place in the Far East, it is ultimately a company of American origin.

The aforementioned symbol is very reminiscent of the one used by the Nazis in WWII, but it actually turns the other way. This is not your typical swastika.

It is actually the sauastika, a symbol of luck and good fortune in the land of the Rising Sun. But to explain the above is difficult in the West.

It is for the same reason that there is a bit of censorship regarding the anime of Tokyo Revengers outside of Japan. The smaller is the emblem used by the Tokyo Manji Gang in the series.

This is why it appears cloudy, or even stirred, in the western emission of this one. Everything to avoid controversy.