Takemichi and his shocking connection with Shinichiro in Tokyo Avengers 273

The popularity of Japanese manga tokyo avengers is definitely on the rise. Since the manga shows the time jump story of Mikey and his brother Sanichiro, the manga writer ken wakui features frequent twists and harrowing moments in every chapter.

Fans are wondering if the next Chapter 273 of Tokyo Revengers would reveal the identity of Takemichi’s killer.

At the end of Chapter 273, Shinichiro is very surprised that he can go back in time because he had previously killed a mysterious old man who also has the ability of a time jumper.

Tokyo Avengers 273 release date

Manga Tokyo Avengers Ken Wakui

Image: Tokyo Revengers / Kodansha

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 263 will be released on Wednesday, October 12, 2022. Readers can follow the Japanese manga chapters in the Kodansha official websitebut they would have to pay to read the last chapters of Tokyo Avengers.

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Spoilers for Tokyo Avengers Manga 273

The opening spoiler for Tokyo Avengers Chapter 273 is out on various social media boards. Most of the panel leaked Haruchiyo Sanzu wearing a long-sleeved black shirt. The important thing to note is that the shirt is very similar to the one we have seen in Chapter One of the manga.

In Chapter 273, Ken Wakui might clear up the mystery of why Haruchiyo wears such an outfit. The next chapter begins with Shinichiro telling an older Sanzu about his ability to time jump.

He also reveals that he had to kill someone to gain the powers to save Mikey. Mikey originally went through an accident in the original timeline and eventually died. So in order to save Mikey, Shinichiro’s time jumped.

In the next panel of the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 273 raw scan, Mikey tells Shinichiro that he broke the bike even though Baji was trying to protect it. So she asks his brother to fix it.

Shinichiro is excited to see that Mikey is growing up healthy and happy that he can change Mikey’s destiny. Observing everything, Haruchiyo said that he might have gone crazy.

Another panel shows Takemichi and a cloaked boy yelling and calling himself “the hero of justice”. Hopefully the writer will connect each story at the same point. The boy could be Takemichi.

In the next panel, Haruchiyo remembers that he has 2 memories. One with memories of leaving Shinichiro’s funeral after Mikey’s death, Shinichiro threw himself into the river. But after that, he realizes that he was in his house and a new past was created.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 273 will clarify the connection between the past incidents with the present. Now in the present, if something happens to Mikey, Shinichiro doesn’t exist to save him since he is dead. That means Haruchiyo can’t send Shinichiro to save Mikey.

Shinichiro and Takemichi Tokyo Avengers 273

Shinichiro and Takemichi / Tokyo Avengers 273

To clear up the confusion, let us do a quick recap of Tokyo Avengers Chapter 272. Shinichiro wakes up with a kick from Mikey. He thinks it’s all a dream because he’s already dead.

But then he realizes that he woke up on the same day four years ago. She understood that her time-jumping ability worked and that she could save Mikey. She comes home and asks her grandpa and Emma if she wants to help them cook. So far the spoilers for Tokyo Avengers Chapter 273.

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