Takemichi tries to stop Sanzu in Tokyo Avengers Chapter 254

In the midst of the ongoing battle of the tokyo avengers manga, Takemichi sees one more vision where all his friends have died. Takemichi sees a glimpse of the upcoming events, where Sanzu drives a train to get rid of the second generation of Tokyo Manji once and for all.

Well, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254 will follow up on these events, and Takemichi will take the help of an enemy to prevent the worst from happening. Then, The Truth News share the spoilers manga created by Ken Wakui.

The fight between Kanto Manji and the Tokyo Manji gang is still going on, and Mikey’s gang is overwhelming all the members of the second generation. Hanma single-handedly takes down Chifuyu, Mitsuya, Hakkai and Akkun. At the same time, Mikey dominates Pehyan, Smiley and Angry without breaking a sweat. But that is not the worst thing we have witnessed in Tokyo Avengers Chapter 253.

Apparently, Takemichi has a vision of the future in which Sanzu has killed Mitsuya, Chifuyu, and Hakkai. Sanzu doesn’t drive the train over the Tokyo Manji gang; instead, he crashes the train into some containers, which then crushes several people from both gangs.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 254 Spoilers

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 254

Preview of Tokyo Avengers Chapter 254

Unfortunately, some spoilers for Chapter 254 confirm that Sanzu is already on the train. Takemichi can’t think of anyone who can help stop Sanzu, and he tries to touch the train tracks one more time to get the vision once more.

Well, that attempt fails and Takemichi runs away from the fight. Kakucho becomes paranoid upon seeing Takemichi’s behavior and asks the whining superhero why he is acting like this.

Takemichi states that he doesn’t want anyone else to die, and Kakucho now learns of Takemichi’s vision. It’s not clear if Kakucho instantly believes Takemichi, but he does, in fact, see Sanzu driving a train.

So, he decides to help Takemichi by preventing Sanzu from killing everyone. Suddenly, we see Takemichi and Kakucho standing on the tracks, thinking that it would force Sanzu to stop the train.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 254

TR Manga 254 spoilers and leaks

All of this happens while all the members of the Tokyo Manji gang watch the train, oblivious to its upcoming disappearance. Sanzu becomes frustrated after seeing Kakucho and Takemichi on the tracks, and at this point, it seems that some are calling Sanzu’s name.

It would be interesting to see who exactly calls out Sanzu’s name, which in turn terrifies him. Many fans think it must be Mikey calling him by his name, as he would have been furious after seeing Sanzu act so recklessly. Well, hopefully we’ll get answers in the next chapter of Tokyo Revengers.

Tokyo Avengers chapter 254 will be available on Tuesday May 24, 2022, and you can read about it in Kodansha’s weekly shonen magazine. Fans outside of Japan, however, can find various sources to purchase TR volumes on the Kodansha’s website.

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