Takemichou is back on our screens!


Posted by Juliet Faure on .

The ad fell today! The second season of the Tokyo Revengers anime was made official via the series’ official website and on this occasion, a trailer was released on social networks!

If you’ve been following the manga news of 2021, you’ve most certainly heard of the manga Tokyo Revengers, available in editions Glénat. Indeed, in France the release of this series had gone somewhat unnoticed until the announcement of its animated adaptation. Since then, the manga has steadily gained in popularity, becoming the 3rd best-selling manga in Japan on 2021. Season 1 was broadcast from April 10, 2021 on the streaming platform Crunchyroll and covered, in 24 episodes, the first three narrative arcs of the manga, namely the arc Tokyo Manjikai, l’arc Moebius and the bow Valhalla. The last episode is the equivalent of chapter 73, published in volume 9 of the manga. Since then, other volumes have been published and the series already has 25 volumes in Japan and 15 in France.

A second season that promises to be bloody

If you are a fan of the series Tokyo Revengers, there is no doubt that you did not wait for the announcement of the second season to advance in the story by reading the tomes already available in French. Indeed, season 1 stops on a particularly violent scene in which Takemichi, become part of the Tokyo Manjikai (aka the They take), is prisoner of Kisaki Tetta and sees the latter kill in cold blood his ally and right arm, Matsuno Chifuyu. This particularly moving scene opens the doors to a new narrative arc, that of the Black Dragons in which Takemichi discovers a new overpowered enemy.

The second season should therefore cover this arc, thus staging the clash between the 10th generation of the gang of Black Dragons and the current gang you Tokyo Manjikai. Very clearly, this arc certainly marks a turning point in the history of Tokyo Revengers, allowing the entry, later, of new interesting characters. For now, we do not yet know how many episodes this new season should have or even when it will be released. Nonetheless, the first season of Tokyo Revengers is fully available on the streaming platform Crunchyroll, which will allow you, when the time comes, to update yourself if necessary.