Tatsuya Endo broke his rule of not making attractive characters for Spy x Family

The creator of ”Spy x Family”, Tatsuya Endocommented on how he deviated from his ”no handsome characters” rule when writing his popular manga of comedy and action. During a conversation between Endo, the creator of ”Blue Exorcist”, Kazu Katoand the mangaka Amuthey shared their opinions about each other’s works in a respectful and playful way.

Both Kato and Amu applauded Endo’s work on ”Spy x Family”, with Amu mentioning that in his previous works, the mangaka He used characters with much less orthodox appearances, who have nothing to do with Twilight, the spy protagonist of his most recent success.

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In ”Gekka Bijin”, an action-fantasy manga about a young princess who must regain control of her mother’s kingdom from a rival clan that has taken over the government, Endo chose to use a character out of character. common. “While the characters are likely to be popular, Endo deliberately distorts them and says that orthodox handsome men will never appear,” Amu commented.

Kato also applauded Endo for drawing an attractive character for ”Spy x Family, referring to Loid Forger, who many fans would probably describe as handsome. Endo accepted his praise and replied with a laugh that he “has no attachment to the character” for looking excessively good-looking and that “it’s the result of giving up somehow”, referring to the fact that he no longer draws unattractive characters.

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“Spy x Family” revolves around an elite spy named Agent Twilight who, as part of his mission to stop a powerful figure from starting a war between East and West, marries an assassin named Yor and adopts a telepathic girl named Anya. The three try to enjoy everyday life while also trying to protect their nation and hide their true identities.

The studies Wit Studio Y CloverWork produced a 12-episode anime of Endo’s anime, premiering in April and June of this year. The second half of the first season began airing on October 1.

”Spy x Family” is available in the catalog of Crunchyroll.

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