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Mieruko-chan is an anime series available in Funimation that adapts the work of Tomoki Izumii, a funny horror story in which we meet Miko. She is a typical high school student who one day manages to see the spirits around her. So, if you have wondered if you would be like her, this test is for you.

Although, you might not necessarily share a personality with Miko, maybe, like Hana Yurikawa from Mieruko-chan, you always have a lot of energy and you rarely show when something scares you. Be that as it may, we hope you never have to face the horrors and spirits of this pair of protagonists.

On Mieruko-chan, we will meet great people like Miko Yotsuya, Hana Yurikawa, Yuria Niguredou O Kyosuke Yotsuya. Each of them will have a different relationship with our protagonist. Some of them will be more direct and others will be more measured. Without further ado, we leave you with this test and remember to answer with all sincerity.


Do you consider yourself a fearful person?

What do you do when you get a clean?

Has the dead one gone up?

I mean, have you experienced sleep paralysis?

What is your favorite type of pet?

How well do you rest at night?

What’s your favorite drink?

What is your favorite type of movie?

Do you usually keep secrets? (own or others)

Test: What character are you from Mieruko-chan?

Miko Yotsuya

Test What character are you from Mieruko chan EarthGamer

Like Miko from Mieruko-chan, you have to face great difficulties every day. You are always aware of your friends and you worry about what they may feel or do, although you do it in silence. You also have very secret and peculiar tastes.

Hana Yurikawa

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Like Hana Yurikawa from Mieruko-chan, you are a person who keeps people’s spirits up. Always with your head held high and the courage to do the impossible. Sometimes you are overconfident in yourself, but that helps inspire other people. You are a fan of animals.

Yuria Niguredou

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Like Mieruko-chan’s Yuria Niguredou, you are a very determined and determined person. You like to plan things to the letter and you can’t stand mistakes, no matter how small. Sometimes you have a hard time opening up to people and expressing your feelings, although when you do, it is from the heart.

Kyousuke Yotsuya

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You are just like Kyosuke Youtsuya, Miko’s younger brother in Mieruko-chan. You like to learn and start studying. You have strong ideals and will defend your family and loved ones at all costs. Sometimes people take advantage of your innocence.

And good? This test was correct with which character you are from Mieruko-chan? Are you a lively high school student, a lovable girl, or are you a quiet, but trustworthy person? What do you think about it? Do you think we should change some questions? Let us know in the comments.

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