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Tokyo Revengers it has become a global phenomenon. And, although there has been controversy over some aspects regarding its symbolism. This franchise about gangs, fights, time travel and memorable characters with whom its audience has identified. So, would you like to know who would be your husbando of the series?

You might like tough and fair guys like Dragons or maybe tough bad guys like Hanma Shuji from Tokyo Revengers. So this test will help you decide which of them would be the perfect match for you. And, you may be surprised and you will have the gang member you have been waiting for.

Now, you may be Team Draken o Team Mikey, so surely this test will surprise you with your result. Also, there is a small chance that your sniffing Tokyo Revengers be the one you least expect. Although, we wish your wish is fulfilled and you can have the boy you have been waiting for so much. Remember to answer honestly or you will have to repeat the past until the person you long for comes out.


What is your perfect type of day?

What do you think of fights in public?

What do you think is the most important thing in a relationship?

What is it that you could not forgive?

What is your favorite food for a date?

What is your favorite holiday?

Would you defend your husbando from danger?

Test: Who would be your Tokyo Revengers husband?

Mitsuya Takashi

Quiz Which ToMan Tokyo Revengers Captain Are You EarthGamer

You like to share your tastes with someone special, not to anyone you show who you really are. Surely, Mitsuya will appreciate your hobbies and details. Also, you love how he takes care of his family and loved ones.

Chifuyu Matsuno

Test Who would be your Tokyo Revengers husband EarthGamer

You are a fan of animals, from cats to parrots. Next to Chifuyu from Tokyo Revengers, you could give home to all the little animals you find. In addition, he will always be ready to support you when no one else believes in you.


Test Who would be your Tokyo Revengers husband EarthGamer

You like tough guys, no doubt about that. But, not just any kind of tough guy, you like that they are also sensitive and warm-hearted. That is why Draken from Tokyo Revengers will be by your side and will take care of you when you need it most.

Baji Keisuke

1629565696 717 Quiz Which ToMan Tokyo Revengers Captain Are You EarthGamer

Baji from Tokyo Revengers is the kind of guy you like, confident and with an attitude that would make anyone cringe. But, ready to rescue a helpless kitten that he sees on the street. He will be with you, through thick and thin.

Manjro Sano ‘Mikey’

1631386330 754 Test Who would be your Tokyo Revengers husband EarthGamer

Mikey from Tokyo Revenger is the perfect example of when you like someone with a very strong character. Whether it’s because of his tattoos, his lost look or your mother saying: “A thief broke into the house!”, There are things about him that you love and that you will not change for anything.

Kazutora Hanamiya

1631386330 865 Test Who would be your Tokyo Revengers husband EarthGamer

Kazutora from Tokyo Revengers has a special character. Well, despite how bad it has been in life, keep that little light that you love. He is someone you can trust and grow with. However, we do not assure you that it does not fall into bad steps.

Hanma Shuji

1631386331 533 Test Who would be your Tokyo Revengers husband EarthGamer

Hanma Shuji is the Tokyo Revengers example of when your crush hits puberty hard. He is the type of boy that nobody gave five pesos for in high school, but you had faith that something good would bring. And, you were right. He is the person who will be there to support you when you occupy it … although, it will take time to mature.

And good? Does this test of Tokyo Revengers gave you the character you expected? Or did it turn out that you are like the person you least imagined? Let us know in the comments and all our social networks. And, if there was any mistake, you can also tell us.

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