The 10 most anticipated anime of 2022

has arrived a new year and with him twelve months full of possibilities in the field of anime. After leaving behind a 2021 with many interesting releases, whether new or in the case of Tokyo Revengers or additional seasons of already published anime, such as Boku no Hero, there is no doubt that it was a great year. On this occasion we meet here to look ahead and collect up to 10 animes what are we waiting for with much desire. A long-awaited final ending of Shingeki no Kyojin, the promising Chainsaw Man who has been so successful in his version manga…and much more!

Shingeki no Kyojin – Temporada final (Parte 2)

The January 9th finally the final outcome will come, in audiovisual mode, of Attack the titans. After the first half of the season we had a break in which those responsible for the study MAP went to work hard to animate the intense final stretch of the story of Hajime Isayama. The episode 76 It will be from which the plot is resumed, which, we remember, will start with a fight between They were Y Reiner in Shiganshina. To discover how they manage to close an entire story built for years, we will have to pay attention to the episodes that come out every week on platforms like Crunchyroll.

Chainsaw Man

One of the most popular manga of recent times, created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, will finally have its anime adaptation this year 2022 by the studio MAP. The story introduces us to Denji, a young man who carries a gigantic debt and tries to pay it little by little, always accompanied by his faithful pet Respect. However, he will soon discover that the world is much bloodier and more fearsome than he expected, so he will have to face major challenges that will surprise us as viewers. Directed by Ryu Nakayama (Jujutsu Kaisen, among others), the manga that was published last year 2018 will hit screens around the world this year. In addition, the continuation of the manga is also expected for this coming summer of 2022.

Chainsaw Man anime manga 2022

Bleach (final season)

One of the surprises that we recently discovered was the fact that the mythical anime Bleach will return in October this year 2022 with the adaptation of the “Thousand Year Blood War” saga (volumes 55-74), which marks the end of Tite Kubo’s manga. There are already up to 366 episodes available, so several will be added to this extensive list, also through Crunchyroll (in certain territories). As for changes in the human team, Tomohisa Taguchi replaces Noriyuki Abe as directors, while Masashi Kudo remains in the role of character designer and Shiro Sagisu in the role of composer of a mythical BSO that we all remember with songs like Number One , the one chosen in the form of a remix to present the trailer for this final season.

Bleach anime manga 2022

My Hero Academia – Season 6

After a recent fifth season, it is time to prepare for the next one. In this sixth it is expected to see animated the plot arc of the “Paranormal Liberation War” in which the main heroes will face the villains led by Tomura Shigaraki. While Deku continues to learn to control his powers and the powerful One For All, his opponent prepares the All For One for an epic clash that leaves us with a good portion of battles. Thus, we hope that the continuation of the story of Kōhei Horikoshi will arrive at some point in the year 2022, probably in the face of the fall season.

Boku no Hero My Hero Academia Season 6 anime manga 2022


From the popular manga created by Tatsuya Endō, two studios will come together to bring it to life and animate it: WIT Studio Y CloverWorks. The story introduces us to the skillful spy Tasogare, who receives the complicated secret mission to start building a fake family to start a new life. However, both his new wife and daughter are not what they seem and both have their own goals to fulfill. Published since March 2019, the manga has 8 volumes and this 2022, for the month of April, we can start enjoying one of the most anticipated anime of this year.

SPYxFAMILY anime manga 2022


The master’s manga animation japanese horror, Junji Ito, will be composed of only four chapters by Production IG and Adult Swim. With Hiroshi Nagahama as director and Colin Stetson as composer, it narrates the events that take place in a coastal town in Japan that is affected by a curse of spirals. It is expected to arrive in the fall season, in mid-October of this year 2022, perfect for the Halloween season in which a production of these characteristics will best fit.

Uzumaki Junji Ito manga anime 2022

To your Eternity (Temporada 2)

It was one of the most outstanding anime of the year 2021 that we left behind and this time we can enjoy its second season, also via Crunchyroll. called in japanese Fumetsu no Anata e, it is a story written and illustrated by Yoshitoki Oima that was published at the end of 2016. With 16 collected volumes to date, the Brain’s Base studio is in charge of bringing to life a plot centered on the character of Fushi, an orb who came to earth and became a child whose mission is to learn to be human, with all the good and bad that that entails.

To Your Eternity / Fumetsu no Anata e anime manga

Blue Lock

an anime of sports in which Kodansha and Bandai Namco Arts team up to animate the popular manga by Muneyuki Kaneshiro Y Yusuke Nomura. The plot focuses on a group of young football players Japanese who enter the center known as Blue Lock, destined to choose the best striker in the world and train the next team leader. After a defeat in the 2021 World Cup, this is the solution that the Japan Football Association is looking for in order to turn the tables and show the world what its athletes are capable of.

Blue Lock anime manga 2022

The Rising of the Shield Hero (Temporada 2)

During the next month of April we will also have a new season of the story written by Aneko Yusagi and directed by Masato Jimbo. After a series of delays due to the global pandemic that we are still dealing with today, the continuation of the plot will finally arrive, in which Naofumi, a young otaku who is transported to another world, will become the Hero of the Shield and will have to fight against the Waves of Catastrophe. His path will not be easy and we will be able to accompany him in a few months.

The Rising of the Shield Hero anime manga 2022

Kaguya-sama: Love is War (Temporada 3)

The anime inspired by the work of Aka Akasaka presents us with a fun love story between Kaguya and Shirogane, descendants of well-off families and admired by their classmates at Shuchiin Academy. However, neither one nor the other wants to admit that they like each other, so in fiction we see a constant tug-of-war between the two to see who is the first to show their love. It will also be in spring, during the month of April, when we can enjoy the third season of this anime.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War