The 12 anime that you cannot miss from January 2023 and where to see them

2023 is going to start with a lot of anime under his arm and, personally, I think that these ones from January are some to keep in mind

We are just over a week away from the start of January and that only implies one thing: we are entering a new year.NEW SEASON OF ANIME FRIENDS. Because yes, there was a lot of desire for the “Chainsaw Man“, “Bleach TYBW“and other mastodons that we have been enjoying in recent weeks, but does it not happen to you that as you know that something new is coming, you want to see it? Precisely how to open a present at christmas. And what I am going to do is deliver the packages to you.

That being said, I will leave you with 12 anime that I have personally selected and that I think are the ones you should keep an eye on in January 2023, which will be when the winter anime season begins properly. I go there

Vinland Saga – Season 2

  • The Vinland Saga season 2 represents the return of one of the best anime of recent years. Especially if you like the theme of Vikings and the well-worked narratives.
  • Although the first season was the work of WIT Studio, this time it will bear the signature of MAPPA. Of course, the change is only at the name level, because in terms of animators there has not been practically a single modification. The core stands firm.
  • To see Vinland Saga in its second season there are two possibilities: Netflix either crunchyroll. Both platforms will start broadcasting from January 9, 2023 (all release dates may vary by region).

Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown (Season 2)

  • I’m still with a second season and in this case it is that of Tokyo Revengerswhich in the last year has become one of the biggest phenomena in the anime and manga industry (even if more than one ended up quite upset with the end of the latter).
  • At the study level there is no change: LIDENFILMS will be in charge of the anime again. I wasn’t very enthusiastic about how they worked on the first season, so hopefully, knowing the success of this second season, it will take a little leap forward.
  • The second season of Tokyo Revengers kicks off on January 7th although with a drama that I personally did not expect: Disney+ now has the rights to the anime. Yes, that same platform that has not yet broadcast in our country, neither Bleach TYBW nor Summer Time Render. Paints well.

Bungo Stray Dogs – Season 4

  • 2+2=4, and yes, here we are with bungo stray dogs season 4. For those who have not followed the previous seasons, obviously this is a bit uphill at this point, but otherwise you already know that we have here a proposal of fantasy and action that is always very original.
  • BONES He does not hit the brakes and after a fall season in which he has left his signature with seasons 6 of My Hero Academia (which in fact continues in January) and the last season of Mob Psycho 100, the studio will be in charge of shaping it to this sequel.
  • This fourth season of Bungo Stray Dogs will begin airing on January 4, 2023 and you can see it through crunchyroll.

NieR: Automata Ver1.1a

  • One of the great rookies of 2023, and yes, it is neither more nor less than the adaptation of the video game NieR: Automata. On the other hand, with something that they have confirmed, it seems that it will be in charge of introducing alternative lore elements to what we saw in the video game as well.
  • A-1 Pictures It will be the study in charge of animating this project with enormous potential, and the truth is that 2023 of the study can be a memorable one depending on how things turn out.
  • NieR: Atuomata Ver1.1a Anime Premieres In January 2023 (no date at this point) and will be viewable via crunchyroll.

DanMachi: Season 4 – Part 2

  • Yes DanMachi left us in the middle of its fourth season after going back to a more traditional dungeon-themed setting and causing absolute mayhem to break loose. The truth is, I want to see how this move continues, because a very fat one was put together.
  • The return of DanMachi is carried out by JC Staffwho has been doing a very good job with the adaptation (at least to my taste, although I don’t read the original novels).
  • In Spain, anime is mostly licensed by Selecta Visión, although the truth is that for now there has been no confirmation whatsoever as to where to watch this new part of season 4. In Japan the January 5, 2023.

Trigun Stampede

  • quietly can be the most talked about anime in January 2023 and maybe not all for good reasons. Personally, I want to see it because I think the CGI is going to be incredible and because, according to what they’ve said, it adapts the story from the entire manga, something that didn’t happen with the mythical first anime. However, there are certain changes that are quite easy to appreciate that have already upset more than one.
  • Orange will be working on Trigun Stampede, and when it comes to CGI, this is surely the best anime studio out there when it comes to working with the same 3D technology.
  • To see Trigun Stampede it will be as simple as taking crunchyroll and get on the platform when the January 7, 2023.


  • An anime in which the protagonist undergoes a sex change due to the experiments of his little sister. The premise is interesting, but I am above all interested in who does it.
  • And as for the who does it, the name is Studio Bind. Who are they? The same ones who masterfully created the anime of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation. This is his first work outside of said IP, and honestly, it looks very good from a technical point of view.
  • ONIMAI premieres in crunchyroll from January 5, 2023 (for now this confirmation is only for Latin America).

Tsurune – Season 2 of the anime

  • The second season of tsurunethe anime of Japanese teens who practice archery, returns to the fray in a return that is quite exciting.
  • A new anime of Kyoto Animation It’s always good news, especially when I personally didn’t expect Tsurune to have much of an expansion. But here we are, and it is celebrated.
  • The second season of Tsurune premieres on January 5, 2023 and… I’m not sure where. Although the first season is in crunchyrollthe platform has not included it among its first confirmations, and it seems that HIDIVE I could get my hands on this one. We will have to wait.

Hikari no Ou

  • This anime is surely the most unknown of all those on the list (or it will be there), but it is a work that brings together two key names: mamoru oshiithe director of the classic Ghost in the Shell, and Junji Nishimuradirector with more than 50 Ranma episodes behind him.
  • The study in this case is And I’ll be honest: I’m not excited. They have things like Platinum End and FLCL Progressive that didn’t get to be much more than the name they had.
  • Hikari no Ou opens on January 14, 2023 and in Spain still don’t know where it will be issued.

Boku to Roboko

  • The biggest nonsense of the entire article, and I mean that literally. Boku to Roboko is straight out of a gag manga, so if you want to find out what a well-known comedy anime is supposed to become, you might want to look this way.
  • The studio in charge of animating this Boku to Roboko is GALLOPwhich although historically they have things like the ‘old’ Kenshin anime, today they mainly deal with the gazillion Yu-Gi-Oh anime.
  • Honestly, I’m not going to lie to you: the anime has been airing in japan for a couple of weeks. The episodes are very short (about 3 minutes) and no idea where to watch it. However, it seemed necessary to me that you hear something about it, and who knows, maybe in January someone will be encouraged to distribute it internationally.

Record of Ragnarok – Season 2

  • is coming the return of the most epic slaps, and this time it seems that we finally left the slides behind… to change them to CGI. The concept still freaks me out, but I don’t expect this to suddenly become a reference for Japanese animation.
  • Once again, Graphinica will continue to lead the project with the support of the Yumeta Company.
  • Part 1 of this second season will arrive on January 26 a Netflixand the final episodes (of the season, the anime still remains) will be broadcast on a date to be defined in 2023.

Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre

  • A unique opportunity to discover many of the little horror stories written by a Japanese legend like Junji Ito. In addition, with stories chosen by himself.
  • Studio DEEN is in charge of this anime and and they have a good ‘hit or miss’ streak, but I liked Sasaki to Miyano so I trust. I hope they do Ito’s work justice.
  • The anime comes to Netflix all over the world from January 19, 2023.

And this is my selection regarding what I recommend once the new anime year begins. Yes, I know that more than one will have something to add to the list, but you are completely free to do so in the comments section. In the end, the more recommendations there are, the more chances that everyone will be well satisfied in January with their new anime.