The anime of Call of the Night can be seen in its official trailer

With less than a month to go until the summer anime season kicks off, and unsurprisingly, many of the productions that will headline the hottest time of the year are now putting in a final promotional push to get noticed. Among these is “Call of the Night“, a work that, as my colleague Miguel well knows, was born from the same author of “Dagashi Kashi”, and a priori we are before which will be one of the most popular jobs from July to October.

This is what the Call of the Night anime looks like in full motion

So, having said all this, all that remains for me now is to leave you with the official trailer for the anime of “Call of the Night”which also serves to corroborate the release date that was leaked yesterday:

And seen the trailer, I can only remind you now the most important things about the anime premiere:

  • The television adaptation of Call of the Night already has an official release date, and that is neither more nor less than the July 7, 2022. ❗❗❗❗
  • The anime in question will be borne by LIDENFILMS, whose most famous recent production is undoubtedly the adaptation of Tokyo Avengers. ✔️✔️✔️
  • At the moment it has not been confirmed how many anime episodes this first season of Call of the Night will have, but seeing that the manga is currently located in the 10 published volumes, I see quite likely about 12 episodes with room for a future second season. ❓❓❓

“Call of the Night” will have very interesting competitors during the summer, although it will especially have to combat the nostalgia factor; nostalgia for the return of “Classroom of the Elite” and also of “The Devil is a Part-Timer!”, but also for other more recurring ones like “DanMachi”. If it manages to overcome all these well-known names, we will be facing a job that can clearly aspire to more content in the future.

Synopsis for Call of the Night

Kou Yamori seems like a typical Japanese high school student, a kind and studious person, but one day he gets tired of maintaining that facade and decides to drop out of school. The fact of not releasing energy during the day causes the young man to develop insomnia, so he dedicates himself to walking at night.

During one of his walks, he meets Nazuna Nanakusa, a strange girl who tells him that his insomnia is due to the fact that he has not yet experienced true freedom. Nazuna invites Kou to her apartment, but in the least expected moment, she bites him on her neck.