The best anime series and movies of 2021 chosen by our editors

We are reaching the end of the year and at GamerFocus we are already sharing our lists of the best and worst that 2021 has left us. our annual Poporo de Oro awards, but also we talk about the worst movies of the last twelve months. Added to these lists is this article that recognizes the best anime series and movies that have been released or that received a new season in 2021.

You can see our editors’ picks below:

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

We look forward to the arrival of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean and we think it was worth it. The first female lead in the franchise has a personality determined and persistent enough to find solutions (and friends) in the most unfavorable situations. At least we see how he quickly adapts to jail life with cunning.

The ‘opening’ of part 6 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is named Stone Ocean and is performed by the J-Rock band Kisida Kyoudan & The Akebosi Rockets.

As usual, this creation shines for generating moments at the same time epic, exciting, absurd and rare. While we believe that Jolyne still lacks to unleash her full potential, surely we will be able to see much more in the episodes that are yet to be published.

Attack on Titan: Season 4

The best anime series and movies of 2021 chosen by

This the most beautiful things of this year is undoubtedly season 4 of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). Many people complained about MAPPA’s animation style, but as we said in our review of the first half, the gloomy and melancholic style that the characters now have reflects the message of the play very well.

My War of the J-Rock band Shinsei Kamattechan are in charge of interpreting the sixth ‘opening’ of Shigeki no Kyojin.

What makes this anime so charming is the fact that it presents the points of view of each of the factions, because in reality there is no defined villain. Each character or group has its own ideal or objective, which is why it ends by explaining the nature of the conflicts that occur. Sure, we love the fights of the titans, the complex plans and the revelation of more secrets.

If you don’t remember well what happened in the first part of the last season, we recommend you read our account about it.

Tokyo Revengers

The best anime series and movies of 2021 chosen by

The story of Tokyo Revengers focuses on the idea of ​​”if you could go back to the past to make up for your mistakes and make things better, would you?” Although the protagonist is scary and very weak, his willpower helps him to give his all to try to avoid the catastrophe that allowed the existence of a present in which everything is wrong. That is not to say that changing things is easy, so following Takemichi’s adventures is very entertaining.

Cry Baby of HiGE DANdism ‘s band is the’ opening ‘of Tokyo Revengers.

This ‘manganime’ has had problems outside of Japan for the use of ‘swastikas’, which were censored in the West. If you are in doubt as to what the ‘manji’ symbol (卍) being used actually means, you can read this article.

Evangelion 3.0 +1.0: Thrice Upon a Time

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Our review of Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0: Thrice Upon a Time This film gave a perfect grade for being a dignified, logical, motivating and warm ending for an audience that had long been suffering from the emotional upheavals of both director Hideaki Anno and all the characters.

In all, the greatest possible show of honesty from the director and the motivation that this film could have spread in so many people who have suffered from depression are valued. It is highly recommended to see it if you have already been through the previous films.

You can see Evangelion 3.0 +1.0: Thrice Upon a Time on Amazon Prime Video by following this link.

Dr. Stone: Season 2

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Despite the short duration of the second season, Dr. Stone He continued to offer what he knows best: very interesting demonstrations (although slightly exaggerated) of how science works (rudimentary or complex) and to share the idea that it is worth fighting for your own ideals, even if they are peaceful.

Rakuen (Paraiso) is the name of the ‘opening’ of the second season of Dr. Stone, which is played by Fujifabric.

In the second season we have a list of espionage operations and other types of tricks that prove that war can be fought in fields beyond physical combat. In addition, the motivations of some people and the plans of others are revealed to us, so it turns out to be very interesting to watch.

By the way, don’t forget that already there’s a third season on the way.

Komi-san Can’t Communicate

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This anime of type ‘slice of life‘is about a college girl with a very notorious communication disorder that prevents her from talking to other people despite wanting to interact with them. She meets Hitohito Tadano, who discovers her problems and decides to help her reach her goal of 100 friends.

Cinderella Cider Girl is the ‘opening’ of Komi-san Can’t Communicate.

However, communication disorders do not go away overnight. Komi must try her best for things as basic as greeting someone or buying something at a coffee shop, so the audience can empathize and feel her anguish at not being able to achieve what she wants. In spite of everything, this anime turns out to be entertaining, educational and very nice.

One Piece

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What better year to recommend One Piece than 2021. This is because during this year both the ‘manga’ and the ‘anime’, based on the work of Eichiro Oda, have reached their 1000th chapter or episode. In the case of the ‘anime’, Toei Animation He has put the house out the window and has shown us during the Onigashima war an improvement in animation and in the direction of action scenes.

We Are, the first ‘opening’ of One Piece, It was once again the opening theme for episode 1000 of the ‘anime’ that adapts Eichiro Oda’s ‘manga’.

Precisely, the current plot arc of the ‘anime’ of One Piece – Known as «Wano» – is entering its final stretch and at the plot level it shows the evolution that straw hats and the author himself have had. This is because the tone and themes covered during the Wano arc are adult and have a stronger emotional charge than usual in this legendary ‘mangaanime’.

Jujutsu Kaisen

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The ‘anime’ based on the story of the ‘mangaka’ Gege Akutami, began at the end of 2020 and ended in March of this year. This story tells the adventures of Yüji Itadori, a high school student member of the occult club, who sacrifices himself by consuming a finger of Ryômen Sukuna to save his friends from the occult club.

Vivid Vice is the name of the second episode of Jujutsu Kaisen, franchise that received his first film on December 24, 2021.

Once he passes this first test, Itadori enters a school of wizardry where he meets his classmates and his teacher Satoru Gojô. Up to this point, Jujutsu Kaisen it can be like many of the ‘shonen’ of the market. However, the direct and crude way in which Gege Akutami tells the story and the excellent animation and musical arrangements that the Mappa studio has achieved make this one of the recommended series to start with if you could not see it during 2021 .

Hanma Baki

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Hanma Baki, the fourth season of the ‘anime’ Baki on Netflix, adapt the first two story arcs of the ‘manga’ Baki Son of Ogre. This new adventure shows us a Baki adult, who seeks to face the “freest man in the world” to prove that he is a worthy opponent to face his father Yujiro “The Ogre” Hanma. More about the characters and history of Hanma Baki from Netflix, you can find it at our essential item.

Treasure Pleasure of the J-Rock band GRANRODEO is the ‘opening’ of the first part of Hanma Baki, ‘anime’ that adapts the ‘manga’ Baki Son of Ogre de Keisuke Itagaki.

If you haven’t seen yet Baki, or think that understanding Keisuke Itagaki’s work is complicated, we recommend that you follow our guide to see and read the franchise Baki. If you have already seen this new Netflix adaptation and are wondering how you can continue the story of Hanma Baki after the end of the fourth season, we recommend you follow our guide to continue the story of the ‘anime’ in the ‘manga’ in the next link.

Wonder Egg Priority

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This 2021, the CloverWorks studio brings a story with a surreal premise written by Shinji Nojima. Naked eye, Wonder Egg Priority It looks like a cheerful ‘anime’ full of color and ‘waifus’. The truth is Wonder Egg Priority is an ‘anime’ that shows different psychological aspects in each of its main characters, which makes them intriguing and interesting to know.

Sudachi no Uta is the ‘opening’ of Wonder Egg Priority, which is performed by the J-Pop band Mewsic.

The story of Wonder Egg Priority stars Ai Ohto, a high school student who has stopped attending classes after Koito Nagase’s suicide. Ai, during a night walk, arrives at an abandoned arcade where he finds a “Wonder Egg” in one of the machines. This strange object appears to Ai in her dreams and a voice reveals that she must protect a girl from a horde of monsters. This same voice tells the protagonist that if she saves more people she can bring her friend back to the world of the living. This is how Ai, and three other girls, decide to continue accepting orders from the “Wonder Eggs.”

Platinum End

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Platinum End, the new ‘anime’ adaptation of a ‘manga’ by the authors of Death Note: Takeshi Obata Y Tsugumi Ohba, started on October 7, 2021. This ‘anime’, although it does not reach the level of Death Note, has an interesting story and its protagonist Mirai Kakehashi It is the opposite of Yagami Light.

J-Pop band BAND-MAI’s Sense is the first opening of the Platinum End anime, which airs every Thursday at 1:30 pm on Crunchyroll.

The story of Platinum End tells the adventures of Mirai Kakehashi, a recent graduate student, who finds himself plunged into darkness. This due to the loss of his parents, who died due to a traffic accident. Then Mirai was adopted by her uncle’s family. They are also responsible for the state of Mirai, since they mistreated him. All this traumatic childhood leads him to make the decision to end his life.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway it’s a movie, which adapts the novels Gundam: Hathaway Flash written by Yoshiyuki Tomino and illustrated by Haruhiko Mikimoto.

To know everything related to Universal Century, the timeline in which the history of Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway we recommend you visit our chronological guide to the original timeline of Mobile Suit Gundam.

The plot of this first film begins at UC 0105, 12 years after “the second Neo Zeon war.” In this new era, peace on earth and its colonies is abruptly interrupted by a terrorist organization called “Mafty.”. This organization aims to prevent the Terrestrial Federation from privatizing the planet to safeguard the interests of the most privileged class. This is how “Mafty” and its leader Hathaway Noa, the son of Bright Noa, must fight for the equality of humanity.