The best comics to give away


Here is a selection of comics from many genres, beyond Marvel and DC Comics superheroes.

The world of the comics it is very extensive and there are many genres available. Although the most popular are the heroes and villains of Marvel and DC Comicsthe truth is that there is a wide variety to choose from, even graphic novels of a costumbrista genre such as ‘Persepolis’. Others have a more critical and even political background, such as the Alan Moore series ‘V for Vendetta’ or ‘Watchmen’, two essential works. In the following lines you have a complete list with the best comics to give away.

Read the Marvel comics in the correct order It is not easy at all, since it currently has hundreds of publications. but yes you can focus on the most important events and some independent series that are worthwhile. The same thing happens with DC Comics, creators of Batman who have some very interesting collectionswhere you can not miss Batman, year one of Frank Miller, among others.

As you see, there is many different genres to choose comics. Bearing this in mind, below we elaborate a selection with the best comics you can give away to friends and family. They are works that will not leave you indifferent, including the most popular manga today and called Tokyo Avengers. Its success has been so overwhelming that we couldn’t leave it out of this list.

Top 10 best comics to give away

  • Watchmen. The series created by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbon is made up of 12 numbers. Therefore, it is very easy to follow and collect. Watchmen takes place in an alternate reality with the Vietnam War in the background and a possible nuclear war against the Soviet Union. The story begins with assassination of edward blake in 1985, where the New York police do not get many results in the investigation. The vigilant Rorschach discovers that it is actually the Comedian and his death sets off a series of events that threaten the world.

  • v for Vendetta. Recognized as a masterpiece, it is one of the most personal works of its authors Alan Moore and David Lloyd. In a world where everything that is not prohibited is mandatory, one man can make a difference. A terrible story about loss of freedom and the identity of an individual who is immersed in a hostile, cold and totalitarian world. This story takes place in a dystopian england that has fallen under a fascist regime, so it looks at what life is like in a stifling police state and the power of rebellion as part of human resistance to oppression.

  • Persepolis. Another work that cannot leave you indifferent. It is a graphic novel that is already considered a classic and autobiographical account by Marjane Satrapi. The plot of Persepolis takes place during the iranian islamic revolution seen through the eyes of a girl who is a direct witness to the change that her country and her family are experiencing, while she learns to wear the veil. This work is deeply political and a harrowing account of what it means to grow up in an environment of war and social repression.

  • tokyo avengers. The story of this manga has completely trapped half the world, especially fans of this genre. has already 27 published volumes, but not yet finished. The story centers on Takemichi, a young man who was a member of a youth band And one day his life changes completely. He finds out that his old girlfriend Hina and her brother have been killed by a criminal organization called Tokyo Manjikai. Waiting for a train, he is pushed onto the tracks and go back 12 years ago in time, so he decides that he will look for Hina and her brother to avoid the brutal murder.

  • Hawk Eye. Starting to read Marvel comics can be very chaotic, but there are great and current independent stories like the one from Hawk Eye. It is also the series that inspired the production of Disney + on the character and that presents Kate Bishop, which is expected to be the successor in the movies. This is a 2012 comic written by Matt Fraction and drawn by David Aja, featuring a superhero closer look that he has to fight much more mundane problems. Thus begins a comic about Clint Barton, being the link with Kate Bishop.

  • batman year one. The Dark Knight has hundreds of comics and collections available, but this volume is a good choice for start with something more concrete. A masterpiece by Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli that delves into the impact of the arrival of James Gordon to Gotham, as well as Bruce Wayne’s transformation as Batman. This comic stands out for its excellent narrative to tell the origins of the superhero as only Frank Miller has known how to do it over the years.

  • injustice. This series of comics arose from the fighting video game that posed an alternative universe where the DC heroes suffer superman’s yoke. The Joker has ruined his life and Superman’s reaction has been to suppress all freedoms. Some characters support him like Wonder Woman or Green Lantern, but others like Batman are on the opposite side. This interesting collection is made up of 24 volumes with script by Tom Taylor and illustrations by Bruno Redondo, Jheremy Raapack or David Yardin.

  • Daredevil Born Again. Without a doubt, this is the definitive story of Daredevil, a character who has not had the expected success even on the big screen. In front they meet again Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli, two authentic legends of the Ninth Art. The story begins with the return of Karen Page, former flame of Matt Murdock and secretary at Nelson & Murdock Lawyers. matt le confesses his secret identity, but she left him for her dream of being an actress. She now returns as a failed actress, prostitute and with serious addictions that has pushed her to sell the identity of Daredevil for a dose of heroin.

  • She-Hulk. She-Hulk’s history hasn’t been as long as other characters, but Marvel has many movie plans for her. So you can catch up on this totally revamped comic book series written by Dan Slott in 2005. In this collection reached 100 numbers, so he had the participation of many artists to give their own version of She-Hulk. Here is presented to Jennifer Walters, the lawyer behind the heroine with a more light-hearted approach. In addition to a great sense of humor, this comic shows the most extravagant cases that Walters faces in his law office.

  • marvels. The House of Ideas has a collection known as Must-Have with numbers essentials what you have to read This time it includes 4 issues of the Marvels miniseries, created by Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek where the origins of superheroes from Marvel. It is certainly a good starting point to start with Marvel comics from a different perspective that shows the more human side of superheroes. It is 1939, and photographer Phil Sheldon witnesses Dr. Phineas T. Horton first showing The Human Torchbut over the years, Phil Sheldon will get to know the era of prodigies: Namor the submarine, the Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Galactus…

  • Cuphead. For video game lovers we also highlight this new series that still has few numbers, but a amazing art design. Based on the indie game Cuphead, it is a comic with an aesthetic inspired by the 30’s animation. The story tells of the adventures of Cuphead and Mugman, two colorful cup-shaped characters prone to getting into trouble especially with the Devil as the antagonist. Without a doubt, it is the dream debut for these nice characters with many references to classic drawings.

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