The creator of ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ apologizes for the controversial end of the manga: “I was going through a very difficult time”

When a manga reaches its end, it is always a complicated situation and in the case of ‘Attack the titans’ (‘Shingeki no Kyojin’) expectations were very high. We still have a few anime chapters left to get to to the end of the storybut when the end of the manga was published in April 2021 for many it was a real catastrophe.

These days the controversy is taking it’Tokyo Revengers‘ for its controversial ending, but throughout the year the medal for “the worst shonen manga ending in history” had been charged to ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’. So with this label on top, it is normal that its creator hajime isayama I don’t want to talk too much about it.

It never rains to everyone’s liking

Meaningless unexpected twists, narrative decisions that undo everything that has been built during the plot, characters ignored… These are some of the criticisms that fans have been leaving during this time at the end of their favorite manga. They sound pretty good though Lightthe criticism and attacks against Isayama They must have reached such a point that the mangaka even went so far as to ask people to please be kind and respectful, so who knows what things he has read or heard.

During the Anime NYC that has been held this weekend, Isayama has finally spoken in public about the end of shingeki no kyojin‘, and through a translator he wanted to apologize for the end of the manga in front of his fans.

“I want to express my gratitude to all the fans. I wasn’t really sure how to feel about the end of the story, I was going through a very difficult time and I apologize,” Isayama began.

“Carrying all these heavy feelings, I’ve been depressed for a long time, until yesterday, when I met the fans during the signings. They told me that the ending was great and they loved it, and it made me very happy, coming to New York has been a great experience for me. Thank you very much.”

After Isayama’s apology came a very big ovation from the fans who were attending the panel at the convention. So although a part of the fandom is not happy with the ending, the creator has also been able to meet a sector that has loved it, or that at least respects and appreciates his work as it is and does not seek to rip his skin off. in strips