The creator of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ says goodbye to the manga, whose end has already raised blisters among fans (although it really is not the end)

It is always difficult to say goodbye to a series after several years in publication, especially for its creators. The end of ‘Tokyo Revengers‘ has been published this week, and Ken Wakui He has already commented on how it has been for him to launch this last chapter, which has also been surrounded by drama.

Off-page controversy

To say goodbye to ‘Tokyo Revengers‘, Wakui published a small sketch on Twitter in which he himself appeared drawing the protagonists of his manga, and also took the opportunity to thank his fans for their support until the end of the series after so many years.

“Today the final chapter of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ comes out. It’s been five and a half years since serialization began, and I’ve drawn the last few chapters with tears in my eyes and the funniest episodes with laughter,” Wakui wrote. Thank you to all the readers, who have had such a great time with me and the Manji all these years.”

You can’t please everyone, and the latest chapters of the manga have driven a wedge between the fans. Without going into too many spoilers, the most recent narrative twists (and especially the last two chapters) have not sat well with a large part of the readers, who already refer to the end of ‘Tokyo Revengers‘ as the worst in recent shonen manga history.

So if we already believed that the end of ‘shingeki no kyojin‘I was going to bring a tail, the online drama with the reactions to ‘Tokyo Revengers’ it is not lagging behind.

And above all, because It seems that this is not the end at all for the manga. It has already been confirmed that it is underway’Tokyo Revengers Extra‘, an eight-part miniseries focused on the past of various members of the Tokyo Manji Gang that will begin to be published on November 22.