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The deer king delays its premiere to June 10

the distributor Select Vision ad through their social networks delay of the premiere in feature film theaters the deer king. Originally scheduled for April 29, and later pushed back to May 20, the film will finally be released next June 10th in theaters with Spanish and Catalan dubbing or in original version with subtitles in Spanish.

Masashi Andōpreviously known for his work as an animation director on projects like YourName. either Spirited Awaydirect this movie The Deer King beside Masayuki Miyaji (Attack the titans) for the study Production I.G. (Great Pretender). In addition, Andou himself is also in charge of character design. With them, Taku Kishimoto write the script while Hiroshi Ono (Night is Short, Walk on Girl) is the art director and harumi (TheWonderland, Miss Hokusai) composes the music.

Before opening in Japanese theaters on February 4, The Deer King went through different festivals throughout 2021 such as the International Animated Film Festival of Annecy, the Fantasia International Film Festival of Montréal, the Animation Is Film Festival of Los Angeles and the International Fantastic Film Festival from Sitges.

the original novel Shika no Ō on which the film is based is a fantasy story written by Nahoko Uehashi. This work was published in 2014 by the publisher Kadokawawhich launched it on the Japanese market divided into two volumes. In 2017, the novel was republished and returned for sale in a new format of four volumes.

In addition, the work also has a manga adaptation made by Taro Sakeguchi for the web portal Young Ace Up from the publisher Kadokawa. This work ended with a total of two compilation volumes.

In the years after a bloody war, the empire of Zol controls the land and citizens of Aquafa, with the exception of Firehorse territory, where the wild dogs that once carried the deadly Black Wolf Fever continue to roam free. As a pack of dogs runs through a mine controlled by Zol, Van, a former slave soldier, and Yuna, a young girl, are bitten but make it out of the attack. Van and Yuna, finally free, set off in search of a quiet life in the suburbs, but as the deadly disease once again spreads out of control, they find themselves in the midst of a fight against something bigger than any other nation.

Source: Select Vision