The end of Tokyo Avengers could be very close

The anime of “tokyo avengers“He hit it massively in his first season, and that ended up implying that a manga that already had a good reputation ended up becoming an absolute sales king in japan. Now that we are only a few weeks away from the return of the television adaptation through the second seasoneverything begins to heat up at a good pace, and if on top of that we add that The manga seems to be very close to its end… little things are coming

The Tokyo Revengers manga aims to plant its full stop

Then I leave you with the tweet from the hand of MangaMogurawho has been the one who has reported a more than possible next conclusion for the story of the “Tokyo Revengers” manga:

And so that there are no doubts, I am going to comment on everything step by step on this occasion:

  • Basically, it is confirmed that the manga of Tokyo Revengers will reach the climax of its final arc very soon. ❗
  • This will be something that happens during the October 19, 2022, when the results of the most recent character popularity poll will also be released. ❗
  • Although this should not imply that the end of Tokyo Revengers will be that same October 19, it is VERY likely that the conclusion will come soon after. In the end, in similar announcements from other manga, the ending of a story has been strongly tied to that mention of ‘climax’. ❓
  • This, on the other hand, should not worry anime fans, since the first season covered only the first 9 volumes and as can be seen in November comes volume 30. Indeed, there is Tokyo Revengers anime for several years still. ✔️

In essence, as much as some want to think that this can be extended in one way or another… the reality is that “Tokyo Revengers” has its days numbered. The truth is, with so many volumes behind him, I think that Ken Wakui must be more than satisfied with the journey he has had, so I am convinced that many will be aware of whatever his next work is.

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