The ending of Tokyo Revengers is so bad that I don’t even know how to feel

Before we begin, although you should already know it from the title, there will be spoilers for the entire Tokyo Revengers manga and especially the final stretch.

Well, as you already know, Tokyo Revengers has come to an end. With a very conformist last chapter, which undoes all the bad moments experienced in the series. A chapter that the whole manga gets worse in hindsight. Many people think like me, that this chapter 278 (and almost the entire final arc) were unnecessary And they only made the story worse. Anyway, this is just my opinion and I am not seeking to represent any other fan.

The problems of the end of Tokyo Revengers

tokyo revengers characters

The Happy Ending

Since the beginning of the story, Takemichi has been looking for a happy ending. But his happy ending was with Hina and only her. as it progresses the story, befriends other characters and busca save as many people as possible possible. Although, the character development is fine, this series plants us in a world of street gangs, it can’t be perfect.

But it doesn’t matter, because if in the end you make a jump to the childhood of the characters and guide them on the right path, none of this will happen. For me, it doesn’t make sense for Tokyo Revengers to end everyone alive. Life is not so, things don’t go well and you have to sacrifice to get what you want. I would have raised one of these two endings:

  • The same ending but after the fight with Mikey. takemichi dies but he saves his friend from the dark impulses. He fulfills his two purposes: to save Manjiro and Hina, but without enjoying his achievement.
  • May the story end at chapter 193-194. With Pah-chin’s wedding and everyone happy. Emma, ​​Baji and Kisaki dead and Mikey sacrificing himself for the Tokyo Manji Gang so that they would have a happy life. Here I don’t know if the best thing would be to know that Mikey continued to be bad or to leave him with the lie that they tell Takemichi.

There is no need for the series to have a bad ending., but an end that undoes everything suffered makes you feel that the path traveled was useless. Although we are told that Tokyo Revengers goes through time jumps to correct errors, as the story progresses, more liberties are taken to leave everything fixed.

the final fight

Death of Takemichi Tokyo Avengers
Takemichi’s death

It was obvious that the only one who could defeat Manjiro was Takemichi. But did it have to be like this? Sorry but no, Mikey may be corrupt but he’s always fought with his fists and legs.. Giving him a weapon at the end to kill Takemichi is very ugly, he could have killed him with his bare hands like he does Baji in Valhalla’s past.

ANDThis confrontation presents interesting thingssuch as the vision of the future to dodge attacks and the determination of the protagonist to fight even knowing that he is going to lose. Could have been a good fight end, if the manga had ended there.

Good things about the end of Tokyo Revengers

Although the bad is very bad (especially a happy ending that revives everyone and undoes everything suffered in the story), there are also good things. Mikey and Shinichiro’s past It’s a very good plot twist, as the older brother sacrifices himself for Manjiro even though that later has a negative impact on the To-Man captain.

The three deities tokyo revengers
the three deities

The final arc reveals things to us that are, to say the least, interesting:

  • Where does he come from power of time travel.
  • inclusion of interesting characters but wasted like Senju, Wakai and Benkei, South Terano and so on.
  • The drake’s death It has a lot of weight in the Tokyo Revengers story. Trying to save people and losing more and more friends every time.

Well this is all I had to say about the final arc. Yes ok does not do many things wrong, they are so bad that they overshadow everything that is presented in other moments of the manga. Ken Wakui I probably had this ending in mind for a long time, but he did not know how to lay the foundations and make himself understood for the fans to accept. Tokyo Revengers was always hard and cruel, although it was about the search for a good ending, nobody expected this. Even so I will always continue to recommend this manga because it is very easy and entertaining to read even if the end messes everything up.

although it exists Tokyo Revengers Extrain theory this manga he will not talk about the end of the series and it will only give context of the protagonists that we already know. So the end of the story is already sealed.

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