The essential comics of 2021, according to critics and popularizers

  • ACDCómic completes the list of reading recommendations with the best titles of the past year voted by its partners, including manga such as ‘Tokyo Revengers’, the latest from Max and Paco Roca, the new ‘Blacksad’ and emerging authors such as Marta Cartu

With 35 recommendationss, published in Spain in the second half of 2021the Association of Critics and Disseminators of Comics (acdcomic) completes its usual list of “essential comics” of the year, a selection voted by its members that is presented as a tool to encourage readers, libraries, booksellers and other cultural groups to discover outstanding works.

Among the chosen titles are manga, such as ‘Tokyo Revengers’ by Ken Wakui, national award comics such as Max, Paco Roca and Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnidofrom other national authors such as Carla Berrocal, Laura Pérez and Lorenzo Montatoreand emerging as Martha Cardu. Also the best of the international scene, with works by Manuele Fior, Lux, Alison Bechdel, or Tom King.

The selection, in alphabetical order: ‘And what happened to you?’, by Jenny Jordahl (Liana Editorial)

‘I ended up a rag fleeing from reality’by Kabi Nagata (Fandogamy)

‘Art’, by Kei Ohkubo (Arechi)

‘Blacksad 6: Everything falls’, by Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido (Norm)

‘Celestia’by Manuele Fior (Salamander)

‘Corto Maltese: Black Ocean’, by Martin Quenehen and Bastien Vivès (Norm)

‘Doña Concha: The rose and the thorn’, by Carla Berrocal (Reservoir Books)

“The Club of Forbidden Books” by Kim Hyun Sook, Ryan Estrada and Ko Hyung-Ju (Sapristi)

The drawn’, by Paco Roca (Astiberri)

‘The end of great art’, by Julio César Pérez (Infinite Beauty)

The wolf in underpants and the nutcracker’, of Lupano, Itoïz and Cauuet (Spaceship)

The secret of superhuman strength’, by Alison Bechdel (Reservoir Books)

‘In the head of Sherlock Holmes’, by Cyril Lieron and Benoit Dahan (Norma)

‘Fiuuu and Graac’, by Max (The Dome)

Haikyuu!’, by Haruichi Furudate (Comic Planet)

‘There is something killing children’, by James Tynion IV, Werther Dell’ Edera and Miquel Muerto (Comic Planet)

‘Hello Siri’, by Marta Cartu (Self-publishing)

‘Holms and Pierot. The Case of the Exquisite Corpses’, by Jali (Diabolo)

‘The lie ahead’, by Lorenzo Montatore (Astiberri)

‘The true story of Futuropolis’, by Florence Cestac (Dolmen)

‘Melvin Monster,’ by John Stanley (Diabolo)

‘My broken Mariko’, by Waka Hirako (Milky Way)

‘Nightwing’, by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo and Adriano Lucas (ECC Editions)

‘Nimona’, by Noelle Stevenson (Astiberri)

‘parker’, by Darwyn Cooke (Astiberri)

‘man skin’, by Hubert and Zanzim (Editorial Standard)

‘pulps’, by Ed Brubaker, Sean and Jacob Phillips (Panini)

‘trails of blood’, by Shuzo Oshimi (Milky Wat)

‘Rorschach’, by Tom King, Jorge Fornés and Dave Stewart (ECC Editions)

‘Tokyo Girls’, by Akiko Higashimura (Comic Planet)

‘Tokyo Revengers’, by Ken Wakui (Norm)

‘Totem‘, by Laura Pérez (Astiberri)

‘Vernon Subutex’by Luz and Virginie Despentes (Salamander)

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‘Villanova’, by Javier de Castro (Astiberri)

This selection completes the list of essential comics of the first half of 2021, that the association revealed in the middle of the year.