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The final issue of Dededede Destruction in March

Last November it was announced that the manga Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction He had only 10 more chapters left to finish. It is now known that this work of Inio Asano will end with the twelfth volume, which will go on sale at japanese market the March 30th. Previously Asano himself advanced that the last volume of the series would go on sale at the beginning of this year 2022.

Inio Asano publishes Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction since 2014 in the magazine Big Comic Spirits. So far the Japanese publisher has launched in Japan 11 volumes compilations, of which the first 9 are already published in Spain by Editorial Standard. The ninth volume It went on sale in our country on September 3. The serialization of the work has been full of stops throughout all this time, pauses in which the author has turned to other works. The work will recover its serialization on November 15 with the next issue of the magazine Comic Spirits.

This work by Asano places us in Tokyo, following the experiences of two high school students. Despite their bizarre ideas, what is really strange is the situation in which they live: that of the Japanese capital invaded by gigantic flying saucers…

In addition to Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction, Editorial Standard has also published in our country the manga Reiraku, a single volume by Inio Asano published in Japan in 2017, as well as Solanin, good night punpun and the compilation of short stories of The End of the World and Before Dawn Y The Light District. Other works by the same author have also reached the Spanish market, such as The Girl by the Seaside Y Nijigahara Holograph in charge of Milky Way Editions.

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