The guys from Tokyo Revengers will have a collaboration with a luxurious hotel

It seems that tokyo avengers is leaving behind his gang habits, since due to his recent popularity, he decided to collaborate with a luxurious hotel, the Prince Hotel in Shin Yokohamaone of the most attractive in the area, so fans can live the experience of having a room dedicated to the Ken Wakui series.

La Toman will have 20 rooms with special decoration from the collaboration with the Prince Hotel. Of these rooms, 15 will have a new image of the gang, that is, they will all be wearing elegant suits, which will make them look more attractive

The other 5 will be for fans who want to experience tender emotions, as there will be illustrations of all the characters from tokyo avengers in chibi mode. Meanwhile, the hotel restaurants will have dishes and drinks inspired by the anime.

Source: Comic Natalie

Source: Comic Natalie

But that will not be all, because to enjoy an incredible experience next to the Toman and tokyo avengersthere will be producers inspired by the collaboration that will arrive at the hotel stores. Among them you will find metal buttons, posters, decals of the characters with elegant suits and even their chibi versions..

The collaboration will start from June 18 until September 19, but room reservations will open on June 1. The price of the room for a weekend has a cost of 20,000 yen, that is, $3,106 Mexican pesos.

Without a doubt, this is a good time to be part of Toman, before the premiere of the second season, which is in production and it is estimated that I will arrive at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

Will you visit the hotel with rooms inspired by tokyo avengers?


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