The manga ‘Heartstopper’ sweeps the ‘top ten’ of best-selling books

  • Four titles of the Japanese comic series rise up in the ‘ranking’ of Spanish bookstores after the premiere of the Netflix version

Two weeks after premiere on Netflix of ‘Heartstopper’, based on the webcomic by the British Alice Osseman about a romance between two boys, high school students, has already been felt the beneficial effect in bookstores: this week, four of the books in this manga series (published by Crossbooks since 2020) are among the 13 titles best sellers of ‘ranking’ of the Spanish Confederation of Guilds and Associations of Booksellers of Spain (Cegal).

After ‘Roma soy yo’, by the best-selling historical novel par excellence Santiago Posteguillo, it already appears in number 2 the first volume of ‘Heartstopper’; the second manga in the series is listed in fourth position, the third in eighth, and the fourth in position number 13.

Last week four of the volumes of this youth phenomenon were also among the 12 best sellers on amazon (Now 3 remain in the top 50).

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If now it has been the premiere of the Netflix series that has led the public to the original manga, last November there was also a more than remarkable reader interest translated into sales for another Japanese comic series, ‘Tokyo revengers’, an expected novelty published by Norma that came months after the successful premiere of the anime series. Then it came to be placed at number one on the Cegal list.

Palpable phenomena that are part of the ‘boom’ experienced by manga in recent months, which is experiencing a golden moment.