The manga surprises again in Spain with its incredible sales

The arrival of big launches and special promotions has caused at least ten of the best-selling books to be manga in recent weeks.

Manga in Spain could be in one of its most important moments, the sales are increasing and the range of works is getting bigger thanks to new publishers specializing in the genre. The data provided by on its 100 best-selling list shows that manga is taking a lot of ground and how the booksellers express this great demand is being seriously harmed by the lack of raw material. Gonzalo González bookseller from has commented for Heraldo: “We sell five times more manga copies than we did five years ago.”

We are currently facing a large supply of manga, among the 25 publishers that publish these comics, At least once a year, this month they will publish 109 reissued volumes and new. Most of the series that is sold is thanks to its animated broadcast on a platform like Netflix and My Hero Academia, the first three volumes of the manga are in 20, 49 and 88, the first with a special price of € 1.95, O great mass phenomena such as Tokyo Revengers. This manga was also launched with a special promotion that featured the first two volumes for the price of one, placing it in the fifth best-selling position, separately on 11 and 17.