The most watched series in the world in 2022 is an anime, according to TV Time

    By now, no one doubts the power of anime anymore. Japanese animated series are becoming more and more popular: their film adaptations collect stratospheric amounts, companies announce their distribution to great fanfare (as has happened with Tokyo Revengers and the service where you can see it in streaming), platforms like Crunchyroll become authentic Netflix of anime and host some of the best series of the year… But even we couldn’t imagine that an anime could become the most watched series in the world in 2022. Surprised?

    Neither the house of the dragonneither The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powernor the second season of Euphorianor the last of White Lotusnor the fourth chapter of stranger thingsneither Grey’s Anatomynor the farewell of the walking dead… Not even an eternal catalog winner like The office. The anime one piece (remember our story about the longest book in the world?well the same) is the most watched television series in the year 2022. Or so says TV Time, the Letterboxd-style application that is half social network, half notepad and serves to record one’s day-to-day serial fan: which programs you start, which ones you leave, how many episodes you have seen on a specific day…

    From those records, the apps has published some rankings of the most viewed by its users throughout 2022 across the planet. And, to everyone’s surprise, the first place has been taken by one piece.

    one piecethe most watched series in 2022 by TV Time users

    Of course, that doesn’t mean that one piece has been the most watched television series in absolute terms. Not all the people on Earth use TV Time, and the type of serial fan profile that uses this type of service does not have to be representative of all the humans who have consumed television in the last year; perhaps not even the average viewer. However, from the apps They claim to have data from millions of users with which to make their lists of the most watched in 2022. It is, at least, a negligible figure.

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    With the rules of the game clarified, the podium would look like this: one piece first, followed directly by stranger things Y Grey’s Anatomy. After the silver and bronze would appear, in order, The office, the house of the dragon Y the walking dead.

    one piece is an adventure and fantasy anime with a lot of humor that has been airing since October 20, 1999. Currently, it already accumulates more than 1,040 episodes (and that is not even among the 15 longest-running Japanese animation series in history). . The fiction, produced by Toei, adapts the original manga by Eiichiro Oda, although it includes numerous filler plot arcs and the occasional special episode. The count differs depending on the criteria, but, in total, the story accumulates about 20 seasons of the series itself, three direct-to-video productions, thirteen television specials and fourteen films.

    It tells the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a teenage pirate capable of stretching like rubber, and his crew as they sail in search of One Piece, a treasure that all privateers dream of in a world full of monsters and exotic islands. The comic on which it is based launched its first issue in July 1997 and continues to be published as well. Only the manga holds the Guinness World Record for being the comic series with a single author with the most copies published, beating its own mark of 2015. From the same author it is one of the self-conclusive volumes that we recommend as one of the best manga to introduce you to japanese comics.

    In Spain, one piece can be seen on Crunchyroll.