The Nazi symbols that are still present (and cause a stir) in Japan – BBC News World

  • Juliana Sayuri
  • BBC News Brazil

Image source, Reproduction


Following criticism, the Osaka bar that used the Nazi swastika closed its doors.

Just opened, the Unfair bar has closed its doors in the trendy Minami area of ​​Osaka, Japan.

“We sincerely apologize for the lack of knowledge and awareness,” Host x Host, the company responsible for the nightclub, said in a statement published on October 11.

“We have caused the discomfort of many people. We will take into account the comments and we will work so that this type of thing does not happen again,” added the text.

With “this type of thing”, the document refers to the fact that the new bar chose the nazi swastika like logo (printed even on the bottles) and to adorn the military-style uniforms that serve as official attire for the club’s male staff.