‘The Northman’, ‘Dog. A Wild Ride’ and ‘Venicephrenia’ stand out among the weekend’s movie premieres

The drama ‘Arthur Rambo’, by Laurent Cantet, is another of the novelties that you will find on the Spanish billboard starting this Friday, April 22.

About to enter the last full weekend of April, it’s time to review the novelties that arrive this Friday 22 to the Spanish billboard. One of the feature films that you can see on the big screen is the new one by Álex de la Iglesia, Veneciafrenia. A film with the seal of the Bilbao filmmaker that will catch you from minute one.

Another of the films that you can see in theaters starting this weekend is The Man from the North, the film directed by Robert Eggers, with Alexander Skarsgård as the protagonist. In addition, you will be able to enjoy Dog. Wild Ride, Channing Tatum’s first directorial effort, in which he pays homage to his deceased dog Lulu.

From the hand of Laurent Cantet, Arthur Rambo arrives in theaters, a film that addresses the problem that can arise with the so-called digital footprint.

north man

One of the most anticipated premieres of this 2022 that, finally, arrives in theaters this Friday, April 22, is north man. Two years after the premiere of The Lighthouse, Robert Eggers returns ready to surprise the public with his third feature film as director. A film, the most ambitious of the filmmaker’s career, for which he has relied on luxury protagonists, including Alexander Skarsgård, Anya Taylor-Joy, Ethan Hawke, Nicole Kidman and Willem Dafoe.

Reimagining Norse Myths and Legends: ‘The Man from the North’, an authentic Viking film that has taken more than 10 years to make

The film takes us to Iceland in the 10th century. There, Amleth, a Berserker warrior who decides to put aside the looting of the Slavic peoples, to focus on fulfilling a promise he made when he was just a child. He went when he was 10 years old and after witnessing the death of his father, and the kidnapping of his mother, at the hands of his own uncle. The thirst for revenge has grown over time, and now he is willing to do anything to put in his place that man who took away what he loved the most.

EXCLUSIVE ‘The Man from the North’: This is how Alexander Skarsgård became a Viking in Robert Eggers’ revenge story


The new work as director of Álex de la Iglesia, Venicephrenia, is another of the outstanding novelties that you can find on the Spanish billboard this weekend. About his long-awaited feature film, which was screened at the Sitges and San Sebastián festivals, De la Iglesia spoke during his visit to the SensaCine set, accompanied by Ingrid García Jonsson, one of the protagonists of the story, along with Silvia Alonso and Goize Blanco.

Álex de la Iglesia and Ingrid García-Jonsson at SensaCine: ‘Venciafrenia’, stealing the light from Tom Cruise and 30 years of ‘Mutant action’

Set in Venice, the film follows a group of Spanish tourists who have traveled to the Italian city to enjoy a few days of fun while exploring each of its corners. The problem is that the inhabitants of the capital of Veneto are already fed up with the constant overcrowding in the area, and have launched a plan to try to curb tourism. A detail that the protagonists had not counted on, and that will put their own survival at stake.

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Dog. a wild ride

Channing Tatum makes his behind-the-scenes debut with Dog. a wild ride, the fun ‘road-trip’ that opens this Friday in Spanish cinemas. In addition to the director’s duties, Tatum is also the protagonist of this story that has a canine protagonist, with which the actor intends to pay tribute to his dog Lulu, from whom he had to say goodbye a few years ago.

‘Dog’, a tribute to Lulu: Channing Tatum was inspired by the last trip with his dog for his directorial debut

Lulu is also the name of the Belgian shepherd who will accompany former US soldier Jackson Briggs on an unexpected journey. On orders from his superiors, Briggs must take Lulu to the funeral of her former owner, a soldier who fell in combat. Together they travel the Pacific Coast, while trying to adapt to each other.

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Arthur Rambo

Arthur Rambo is the title of another of the theatrical releases that we recommend this week. Laurent Cantet is the director of this feature film, which has been screened at the Toronto and San Sebastian festivals, and promises to make you think about the use of social networks.

The story follows Karim D., a young writer who has become the new media phenomenon, not only for his acclaimed novel, but also for the content he shares through his social networks. It seemed that nothing could go wrong, but his success is threatened when someone starts to leak some of the offensive comments he made on Twitter, under the pseudonym Arthur Rambo.

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The romantic comedy At its point; the dramas Burning Notre-Dame and On the Edge; the comedy A Little Plan…How to Save the Planet; the ‘thriller’ Tokyo Revengers and 75 days; the animation film for the entire Kaporito family. The guardian of the mountain; the horror comedy Woman of the Photographs, and the documentaries A las mujeres de España. María Lejárraga and The Kiss of God. The documentary of the Mass are other novelties that you can find on the Spanish billboard this weekend.

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