The popularity of Tokyo Revengers continues to decline — Kudasai

the japanese portal myjitsu published an article noting that the popularity of the franchise of tokyo avengers continues to decline, stemming from an apparent stagnation in the story of the original manga, the wide gap between the new season of the anime adaptation, and the voice actor’s firing Tatsuhisa Suzukithe voice of Draken, for his cheating scandal.

«Tokyo Revengers is a hugely popular franchise that sparked a “gang boom” in the current era. It wasn’t long ago it was a huge trend, but in recent months it seems like readers are getting bored of the story. The franchise tells the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, who repeatedly jumps back in time to save his high school girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, who is destined to die. When the anime adaptation aired, it was also phenomenally popular with female audiences, but starting with the twenty-sixth volume of the manga, a disturbing trend began to emerge.».

«The twenty-sixth volume, released in February this year, featured a final battle between the three main gangs. However, there is no particular plot, and most of the content is battle scenes. In addition, the unnecessarily large panel arrangement suggests that this is a blatant deadlock. By the way, in the twenty-fifth volume, an important character in the story, Draken, aka Ken Ryuguji, dies. Just when fans thought the story was about to take a big step, the impasse hits… Perhaps it’s no wonder fans are getting impatient.».

«Although “Tokyo Revengers” is losing fans at a rapid rate, the reasons do not seem to lie solely in the original work. The infidelity of the voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki, who played the role of Draken in the anime, also seems to have been a factor that alienated a part of the fans. In December of last year, Suzuki’s firing was officially announced on the anime’s official site, and it’s still fresh in mind that the franchise ended up garnering more attention in an unwanted way.».

«An industry source commented: “Perhaps due to Suzuki’s infidelity and demotion, the production of the anime’s second season has been announced, but no specific broadcast date has been announced. The first season of the anime ended in September 2021, but who will replace Suzuki has not been announced either, which has created an atmosphere of uncertainty. Had the second season aired immediately after the first, it might have prolonged its popularity, but the play itself seems to be slowly fading into oblivion. Because of this long wait, even the most die-hard Tokyo Revengers fans are backing out.».

«On the other hand, “side activities” such as collaborations have been very active: A collaboration with the Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel is planned from June 18, and the internet is full of news about the collaboration. The recent boom in anime is often talked about due to the inclusion of the “mainstream audience”. Since “SPY x FAMILY” is drawing attention as the mainstream anime, it is to be expected that the “mainstream audience” has been almost entirely taken over by “SPY x FAMILY”. After all, once the anime in question is over, no matter how hard you try to boost it with collaborations and other activities, that audience quickly ends up being lost by jumping to the “next hot anime”».

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