The singer of Kimetsu no Yaiba and the ex-Draken of Tokyo Revengers reconcile after some horns

LiSA and Tatsuhisa Suzuki leave behind one of the most scandalous chapters in the anime industry in quite some time

It is not strange to know the private life, or a part of it, of the actors and actresses who are responsible for giving voice to anime characters. In fact, if one is a regular on a website like ANN you will see what it is customary to announce engagements between colleagues. What is already somewhat more irregular is that scandals as happened with LiSAthe iconic singer who has created some of the most famous themes in anime history for “Kimetsu no Yaiba“, Y Tatsuhisa Suzuki, singer and actor with well-known roles that… cuckolded him. But not anymore, it seems.

When Kimetsu no Yaiba and Tokyo Revengers are news without being news

It was today that the team of AnimeHunch has collected what seems to be the last phase of this whole soap opera: the reconciliation. Then I leave you, then, with what has happened and how things have happened:

  • It was during August 2021 that the news broke that LiSA, the successful singer with several songs for Kimetsu no Yaiba, had put her career on hold after Tatsuhisa Suzuki, her partner, had put the horns. ✔️
  • This situation was one that dragged on for both of them (yes, Suzuki went on hiatus too) for several weeks until, ultimately, there were consequences like Suzuki losing the role of Draken in Tokyo Revengers, as well as many other roles in the anime industry. ✔️
  • However, today, quite suddenly, it has been announced that LiSA and Suzuki are a couple again, and they actually held a private marriage ceremony. in a European-type restaurant, surrounded by his family and friends. ❗
  • It is said that both are in love, although apparently they would have two scenarios to motivate forgiveness:
    • First of Tatsuhisa Suzuki attempted suicide, something that reached the ears of LiSA and that would have helped the reconciliation of both. ❗
    • Second, that When LiSA was a child, her father abandoned her, her mother, and her sister.. Therefore, she may have wanted her mother to see her in a stable situation; married (originally they didn’t get married due to COVID, and then the whole thing). ❗

I have no idea how the two of them will fare from now on because, in my head, if someone has cheated once what stops them from doing it again in the future. In any case, I wouldn’t be surprised if “Kimetsu no Yaiba” fans start practicing breathing techniques in case Suzuki somehow messes with LiSA again. For now, however, it looks like they will enjoy a necessary stability after these last few months.