‘The slow hugs’, the texts of Elísabet Benavent for the first time on paper

Anyone here a fan of the great author Elísabet Benavent? If so, you will love this news. The author has surprised on their social networks announcing that this year, despite not expecting more publications from the author, will be published the slow hugs, a book that compiles all the texts, reflections, poems and dreams that Elísabet Benavent has written over the last five years. The book is published with the Suma de Letras label on November 10.

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The cover has been the work of Laura Agustí, who in addition to doing the cover illustration, has also been in charge of leaving a very careful and beautiful edition inside. This undoubtedly promises to be a more personal and different publication of the author, since this same year we were also able to enjoy her latest story entitled All those things I’ll tell you tomorrow. A novel that was already moving away in certain aspects from the previous ones published by the author.

Elisabet Benavent has become a true literary phenomenon. The publication of his first saga Valeria It catapulted her towards that goal and since then she has written 22 novels and has sold more than three and a half million copies. Some of them have been translated into several languages ​​and have been published in up to 10 different countries. In addition, adaptations have been made such as the trilogy series Valeria for Netflix or movie we were songs of his biology songs and memories.

Without a doubt, after this international success, we can only hope that with this new publicationslow hugsthe author not only makes us vibrate and feel with each page, but in addition to that, we feel her much closer and she transmits us one of her most sincere hugs.

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