The Summer Time Render anime already has a release date on Disney +, almost 9 months later

April 15, 2022: That’s the date the anime of “Summer Time Render“, one of the most anticipated and finally successful of last year, was originally released. Disney+ took over the international broadcasting rights of the anime and what ended up happening is that there was no retransmission for multiple areas of the West, such as Spain. Before the saying of Better late than never one is left with a bitter taste in the mouth, but at least it is true.

Summer Time Render arrives this week on Disney+ after many months of waiting

Then I leave you with the image that Disney+ has shared by which he reveals when the anime of “Summer Time Render” finally premieres on his platform:

Disney+ programming is updated to include Summer Time Render

So that there is no doubt, I’ll tell you quickly how it turns out then for “Summer Time Render”:

  • As you can see, the Summer Time Render anime premieres January 11, 2023 on Disney+. ๐Ÿ˜
  • Although you see that it says ‘Season 1’, this really should equal the entirety of the animesince the entire original story was adapted into one single season of 25 episodes. ๐Ÿค”
  • If you want references on what to expect at the animation level, keep in mind that the anime is in charge of OLM, a studio that has more recently worked on things like Komi-san or currently in season 2 of Nagatoro-san. โœŒ
  • Any chance to see more Summer Time Render anime after this? As I said, it’s a whole story, so the only possibility would be an OVA of original content… although it probably won’t happen. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Obviously, if you’re a fan of anime, it’s impossible not to have been frustrated with Disney+ over the past year. In the end, “Bleach TYBW” is still not available in Spain for example. However, between the arrival of “Summer Time Render” and the fact that season 2 of “Tokyo Revengers” is airing properly in simulcast, the platform may have finally turned the page on what was a terrible Modus Operandi for the Japanese animated series.