The Tokyo Avengers manga will end on this date

The Tokyo Avengers manga created by Ken Wakuireached the ground floor with a unique story focused on time travel as the protagonist tries to save his girlfriend’s life by preventing two mobs from becoming one.

While the anime adaptation will return early next year, it looks like the end is near for the manga, as Wakui’s print story has announced that the grand finale is coming next month.

Fans of the anime will most likely be crossing their fingers that all loose ends are tied up as the final chapter approaches. In this way, we are confirmed that the Tokyo Revengers manga will end in 5 chapters.

When does Tokyo Avengers end?

The official Tokyo Revengers Twitter account shared the big news with a tweet stating that Tokyo Revengers manga will end on November 16, 2022although the anime still has a lot of territory to cover before it can do the same.

After the success of the manga, an anime adaptation was practically a given, although the series had another advantage in the form of its live-action feature film, which was released in 2021 thanks to Warner Bros Japan.

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Tokyo Avengers Manga Ken Wakui

Image: Tokyo Revengers / Kodansha.

The Truth News reminds you that a sequel to the first foray onto the big screen has already been announced, coming next year, proving how this time travel anime franchise has managed to find popularity in a number of different avenues.

If you haven’t dived into this wild time travel tale yet, the first season is currently available to stream on the Crunchyroll streaming service.. While the Tokyo Avengers manga is available on the Kodansha Comics website.

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